Mike Huckabee, March 29, 2017

The people behind the Brexit vote for Great Britain to leave the EU are now working with activists who want to split California into two states. Appropriately enough, the right side of the state would be where all the disenfranchised Republicans who farm and ranch live, while the left side of the state, the coastal strip from San Francisco down to L.A., would be…well, the left side. That way, all the coastal “progressives” could have their own Republican-free sanctuary, where they could enjoy to their hearts’ content all the fiscally-ruinous, freedom-crushing, debt-bloating, tax-raising policies that are driving businesses out of California. Meanwhile, farmers could once again irrigate their fields and drive their tractors without fear of being imprisoned for running over a field mouse or impeding a lust-crazed snail darter.

Naturally, those on the far left think this is a great idea, since their #1 commodity is arrogance. They think they are so smart and so right about everything that it would be heaven on Earth to live under their policies without having to deal with all those knuckle-dragging blue collar types who do dirty non-tech or entertainment jobs like growing food or drilling for oil (yuck!) They might start rethinking that, though, once they discover the drawbacks of being an entire “sanctuary state” for illegal immigrants to pour into, while having to import their water, electricity and food from neighboring states. Think this over carefully, California liberals: do you really want to have to pay the out-of-state price for all your necessities of life, like kale?