Mike Huckabee, September 20, 2017

Another way to tell you’re getting old: you can remember when college campuses were specifically designed to encourage free speech and the free exchange of ideas. In a shocking new survey of 1500 US undergraduates by a Brookings Institution senior fellow, fully half of the students (including 62% of Democrats) think it’s perfectly acceptable to shout down “controversial” speakers so they can’t be heard. Worse, one-fifth said it’s acceptable to use physical violence to silence a speaker who makes “offensive and hurtful statements.” Not surprisingly, many are unclear on what the First Amendment even says. Six in 10 think that it requires a speaker of an opposing view to counter any controversial speaker on campus. And 4 in 10 think it doesn’t protect “hate speech.” I wonder how many out of 10 think that “hate speech” means any speech they hate?

Say, here’s a crazy idea for college students. Take a break from shouting and swinging bike locks and read the First Amendment. It’s only 45 words, so it shouldn’t take most of you that long.