Mike Huckabee, 2/08/17

Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz took part in a CNN Townhall/debate on Obamacare yesterday, and it did not go well for Bernie in defending that woebegone monstrosity of a law. In one devastating moment, a woman who operates several hair salons in Texas that employ just under 50 people (I wonder why no more than 50?) asked how she could possibly be expected to afford to pay for skyrocketing health insurance costs without either raising prices to untenable levels or cutting her workers’ salaries?

Bernie had no answer, other than to suggest that it would be “unfair” if she didn’t. It reminded me of Hillary Clinton’s notorious response when presented with the same problem caused by Obamacare’s spiritual precursor, the failed Hillarycare plan. She snapped that she couldn’t be held responsible for every undercapitalized small business in America. In other words, businesses should simply do what the government tells them to, and if that’s impossible, then just go out of business.

Luckily, the business owner from Texas didn’t let Bernie off the hook so easily. Click the link for their full exchange. It makes abundantly clear that like so many “progressives” and socialists, Bernie never had any experience in running a business, nor in fact, any success at much of anything until he went into politics and discovered his talent for spending other people’s money.