Mike Huckabee, August 17, 2017

Excellent column by Glenn Reynolds, a throwback to 2015. The 24-hour news channels are currently having a feeding frenzy over Charlottesville, and trying to convince us that the KKK and Nazisim are “on the rise” in America. They aren’t. They’re a tiny handful of racist idiots being blown up to look big and scary by a billion dollars’ worth of free publicity from the likes of CNN, MSNBC, et al. But giving a mouse a megaphone doesn’t turn it into an elephant.

Meanwhile, this column reminds us that outside the liberal echo chamber, where everything is a CRISIS, and the world is always ending, and Trump is Hitler and America is always the bad guy, there is a gigantic nation filled with hundreds of millions of people, the vast, vast majority of whom are good, decent, kind, non-racists who care about their neighbors regardless of their race or religion.

These media elites seriously believe Trump won by appealing to the ugly racist beliefs of the uncivilized deplorables. He actually won by telling working class voters that he cared that they were being ignored and slandered, and were struggling to feed their families because their jobs were being deported. Democrats think they’re going to win that vote back bigly in 2018. If so, then throwing a 24/7 media tirade, doubling down on the slander that white working class voters are secretly a bunch of evil racist Nazi and Klan sympathizers doesn’t seem like the best campaign strategy.