Mike Huckabee, February 22, 2017

The chocolate giant Nestle is melting under the liberal policies of California and leaving Glendale for the sweeter environs of Rosslyn, Virginia. That will mark another 1200 jobs lost to Californians because of the state’s high tax, high regulation “progressive” leadership.

It’s become an all-too-typical story, but there is something remarkable about this version of it. If any company would feel comfortable under California’s liberal government, you’d think it would be Nestle. In fact, they’re so “progressive” that their CEO inspired Jonah Goldberg’s landmark book, “Liberal Fascism.” Goldberg told National Review that he went to Switzerland to hear a talk by Nestle’s CEO. He said, “It became very clear to me that he had little to no interest in free markets or capitalism properly understood. He saw his corporation as a ‘partner’ with governments, NGOs, the U.N., and other massive multinationals. The profit motive was good for efficiency and rewarding talent, but beyond that, he wanted order and predictability and as much planning as he could get. I think that mindset informs the entire class of transnational progressives, the shock troops of what H. G. Wells hoped would lead to his liberal-fascist ‘world brain.'”

Obviously, Nestle couldn’t find any brains running California, so they’re hitting the road. It’s a perfect illustration of how far off the leftwing deep end California’s government has become when even the company that inspired “Liberal Fascism” thinks the place has become too darn liberal.