Mike Huckabee, June 9, 2017

All of a sudden, the news site Circa.com is breaking major stories that the mainstream media are too busy chasing every anti-Trump rumor to notice, and Circa actually tells us their sources. In the latest case, their named source is former UN intelligence contractor Dennis Montgomery, who claims to have walked away with more secret NSA and CIA files than Edward Snowden: a total of about 600 million classified documents on 47 hard drives. But unlike Snowden, Montgomery returned the hard drives after being granted limited immunity in 2015. He claims he did it to provide the FBI with evidence he discovered of a secret program of widespread spying on American citizens, including the illegal unmasking of the identities of over 20 million citizens, along with their credit records, emails, phone conversations and Internet traffic. He claims that the victims of the illegal spying ranged from judges to businessmen to now-President Donald Trump. But hold on: it gets worse.

Montgomery said he returned the hard drives on a promise that the FBI would conduct a full investigation into the massive illegal and unconstitutional surveillance program that Montgomery discovered. Instead, he claims that then-FBI Director James Comey ordered the evidence buried. That could be because, according to Montgomery, all this illegal domestic surveillance by the CIA was being conducted on supercomputers supplied by the FBI. Among the defendants named in his lawsuit are Comey, NSA Director Mike Rogers, former CIA Director John Brennan and former President Barack Obama.

So do you think anyone will bring this up when Comey testifies to Congress today? And if so, what are the odds that all the TV networks that cleared their schedules hoping he’d say anything incriminating against Trump will suddenly cut away to an urgent cat food commercial?