Her arguments are two: 1) Rather than get on board with Trump, we would be “better served if we concentrated on serving our country,” and 2) no matter what happens with the Trump Presidency we need people who stand on principle, “simply because our country needs to see examples of that.” !!!!!!!! And this person is a “fellow” somewhere?!!!

This woman apparently left her brain in John McCain’s closet (we’re not sure what the means either). Lady, first of all, not supporting Trump will very likely mean that you don’t have a country to serve. Do you not see the war the progressive left is waging on traditional American values? War always results in one side winning and the other side losing. In this case, the side that refuses to admit there is a war has already lost.

Second, standing on principle will not do you much good when the country is overrun by Mexican drug lords, gangs, Russians, and Chinese. This is the ultimate fate of a country run by progressives. First, we go the way of Venezuela. Then the vultures set upon us. You can’t exercise “principle” from six feet under.

Never Trumpers fail to see the reality that Prager has articulated – our nation is currently in a civil war. We are in the run-up to 1861. Never Trumpers are therefore dangerous because their erroneous logic might infect others who can’t think for themselves. Just watch The Walking Dead. Anyone who fails to see reality is dangerous. The danger is that their stupidity pulls you down with them or gets you or others killed.