Occasionally Michael Snyder provides some interesting information. Most of the time his conclusions on the information, that is, his interpretations and applications, are a bit misguided. Caveat emptor, to say the least. CS does not endorse his run for Congress in Idaho.

The theories offered in Snyder’s piece are misinformed, misstatements of fact, and just plain erroneous. Most of them were disproved in the early days of the investigation. It is typical for ISIS to claim responsibility for events like these early on – they believe it helps to spread fear of them. The number of guns Snyder reports is incorrect. The guns were well able to fire the distance. There are plenty of non-military trained gun owners in the United States. It is police and FBI protocol not to release content of suicide notes publicly. Regardless, Paddock left no note, only scribbling related to firing distance calculations. Etc. etc.

Some seem to believe that anything coming out of the Mainstream Media (MSM) is colored by a grand conspiracy designed to deprive Americans of what is really going on. Though CS believes information coming from the MSM may be highly questionable, CS also believes that you can learn from anyone. This is more true the further news is from the political arena. It is true today that every event is politicized to some extent. However, truth can be cross checked for accuracy.

The Summary (linked below) and information provided here is the best view available considering a cross-checking of available facts from a wide spectrum of sources. See here for the latest daily update and summary.