Mike Huckabee, December 16, 2017

A new Gallup poll found that First Lady Melania Trump’s favorability rating has climbed 17 points since the Inauguration and is now at 54%.  The fact that it isn’t 100% is testament to the bias of the media and the absolutely mindless hostility of the diehard Never-Trumpers.  Okay, we get it: you’re still having an emotional meltdown because Hillary lost the election.  But why are you taking it out on the family of the man who beat her? 

 Melania Trump is a kind, beautiful, gracious woman who was very successful on her own before she even met Donald.  She’s sharp as a tack and speaks five languages.  She’s a great example of an immigrant who came to the US, earned success, and pays it back over and over again in her charity work.  She’s even incredibly fashionable and looks stunning, which isn’t supposed to matter but really is a lot more important than being kind and charitable to many New York and L.A. media people.  If she were a liberal with a different last name, she’d be on the cover of every women’s magazine and worshiped like Princess Di. Yet it’s big news that her approval rating is all the way up to 54%?  Since the negative attacks haven’t let up, I have to assume it’s just due to Americans gradually figuring out on their own, like the kids who met her at the Houston shelters or the White House Christmas tour, that the nasty things the media say about her have no basis in reality.

 This should make us all ask two questions:  Why are people who claim to be more tolerant than thou and  opposed to bullying so filled with unwarranted hatred toward someone who’s done nothing to deserve it?  And if someone as admirable as her can have her approval rating knocked down so low by a constant media drumbeat of negativism, why should we listen when they point to her husband’s low approval rating as proof that his Administration is failing?