Mike Huckabee, January 31, 2017

Is everything that President Trump does going to be treated by the media as an unprecedented outrage? Because they’re already starting to resemble hyperactive greyhounds taking off running after anything that remotely resembles a rabbit.

After Trump announced his reshaping of the National Security Council, something that every President does, the media went ballistic, until Press Secretary Sean Spicer showed them a virtually identical Obama-era presidential memo on the NSC that they hadn’t criticized at all. Part of the outrage centered on Trump not including the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and Director of National Intelligence in the formal NSC group, but Spicer said that’s just to give them leeway to skip meetings that don’t pertain to their fields. The media also blasted Trump for not including the CIA, even though they haven’t been included since the DNI position was created in 2005. There was also much foaming at the mouth over Trump’s including political strategist Steve Bannon, just as Obama had included David Axelrod. Critics pointed out that Bush didn’t include Karl Rove in NSC meetings. But at Instapundit, historian Austin Bay noted that Bush had military experience and Rove didn’t, while Bannon has military experience and Trump doesn’t, which would make Bannon’s advice more valuable.

But why am I wasting my pixels, writing about logic and historical precedent? Forget it, Jake, it’s Potomac Town.