Mike Huckabee, July 20, 2017

Twitter seems to be determined to turn what was once a bastion of free speech (remember when Iranian pro-democracy protesters used Twitter to organize?) into a place where only “Progressive”-approved leftist speech is allowed. The site’s monitors have repeatedly blocked conservative users for expressing double-plus ungood opinions. Just a few days ago, Twitter suspended Breitbart editor Raheem Kassam after he announced that he was writing a book on radical Islam. Now, a former pastor who’s written a book called “One Man, One Woman: God’s Original Design for Marriage” says he paid for a Twitter ad but it was rejected. He was told that his book advocates hatred of gays, which the author adamantly denies. He says it’s about the traditional Christian view of marriage .

I’ve never understood the urge to censor and silence people who disagree with you. I welcome those who disagree with me as guests on my radio and TV shows. A good, civil debate is valuable for both the debaters and the audience. Frankly, when someone is afraid to defend his position, I assume he must be standing on pretty shaky ground.

There have been a lot of stories in the financial press about how Twitter is suffering declines in revenue and stock price and disappointing user numbers. Maybe they need to stop being so “selective” about who is allowed to practice free speech.