Mike Huckabee, April 15, 2017

Must-read article: David French in National Review cites several tweets from a wounded warrior to explain why President Trump’s use of a MOAB in Afghanistan is a game-changer, and not just because he used that weapon but because of the way he framed the ordering of future bomb strikes.

This is in line with what former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie told Fox & Friends this morning. He said there were much better munitions we could have used to penetrate and destroy tunnels, but the huge MOAB was chosen to send a message that American leadership is back. Higbie said he got fed up with Obama’s handwringing, his lack of fortitude and his rules of engagement that tied soldiers’ hands. He noted before Obama, commanders who needed to order a bomb strike simply did it. Under Obama, those decisions were taken away and given to lawyers, academics and bureaucrats who’d never even served. When troops were under fire and need backup, a call had to go up and up a long chain of command, seeking permission from every layer, then the decision had to come all the way back down. By the time the commanders got word on whether they were allowed to bomb the enemy, the battle was over and Americans were dead and wounded.

By dropping that MOAB, Trump didn’t just destroy a network of ISIS tunnels, he also blew away one of the most self-defeating aspects of Obama’s crippling rules of engagement that sent our own troops into battle with handcuffs on.