Mike Huckabee, June 27, 2017

Future historians may look back on the past week as the turning point when the public’s impatience with Washington’s and the media’s obsession over the “Russia-Trump campaign collusion” conspiracy finally reached critical mass. The sheer weight of the countless anonymous “bombshell” leaks that turned out to be bogus may have finally snapped the camel’s vertebra. Millions of Americans (even many who didn’t support Trump and desperately wanted it to be true) are finally starting to accept that there is no “there” there and telling their elected representatives, “Drop this garbage and get back to work!!!”

Here’s a round-up of why this past week may have marked the beginning of the end of this feeble excuse for Hillary Clinton losing that’s been inflated into a national crisis, or as some liberals claimed, “Treason!” (a crime they considered as passe as Blue Laws, until they thought they could accuse Trump of it.)

First, former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson admitted under questioning by Rep. Trey Gowdy that he had seen no evidence that the Russians changed vote totals or that Trump or anyone in his campaign had “colluded, conspired or coordinated with the Russians or anyone else to infiltrate or impact our voter infrastructure.” This made him the latest of a string of top intelligence officials to tell Congress under oath that they had seen no evidence of collusion, nor of Trump trying to obstruct justice by killing the investigation of the crime for which they haven’t been able to find any evidence in over a year of looking.


One More Time: Trump Did Not Ask Russian To Hack Clinton, Mike Huckabee, June 27, 2017

The Obama-Russia revelations shook up the narrative so badly, even Rep. Adam Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat and a rabid partisan who can find an anti-Trump spin in any story short of “Heidi,” went on CNN and actually criticized Obama. Of course, he still tried to find ways to slam Trump, such as accusing him of hypocrisy for condemning Russian hacking now when he had asked Russia to hack Hillary Clinton during the campaign.

I’m getting tired of hearing that piece of fake news repeated as if it’s holy writ. One more time, for the record: Trump never asked Russia to hack Hillary. He made a sarcastic joke about her utter disregard for cyber security by saying that if the FBI couldn’t find the 33,000 emails she’d deleted, maybe the Russians could help them out. He wasn’t urging them to hack Hillary’s server (that would make no sense; by that time, it had already been scrubbed with BleachBit and smashed with a hammer). He was merely implying that they probably already had all her emails. Like all good jokes, it was funny because it’s true.