Mike Huckabee, February 10, 2017

This is the type of horror story I hope that incoming Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos will look into, and I suspect that’s one of the big reasons why Democrats and the educrat establishment were so frantic to block her.

A mom in New York City was charged with “educational neglect” of her son and subjected to a 60-day investigation after she withdrew him from public school and began homeschooling him. She followed every rule and completed all the necessary paperwork, but the superintendent’s office never bothered to file the documents with the central office. So the boy’s former school just kept marking him as “absent without excuse” until he was referred to a truant officer and Child Protective Services for investigation. The Home School Legal Defense Association filed a lawsuit on the family’s behalf, citing the emotional and psychological toll all this put on the family and seeking to get the court to force the school’s central office to start obeying state laws on homeschooling. And if you think this kind of willful incompetence that burdens homeschooling families is a rare fluke, guess again. The HSLDA attorney said that before taking this case, “I probably dealt with nearly a dozen (similar) situations in the past six months.”

For more details, and some valuable tips on how to avoid the traps set for homeschooling parents, read the full article at the link.