The Daily Shot, Ricochet, February 1, 2017

Charlotte McCourt is nothing if not honest. She’s only 11-years-old and so the weight of the world has yet to crush her spirit. She’s also a Girl Scout and therefore sells Girl Scout cookies. Recently her father told her about a friend of his who is “very rich,” so without asking, she solicited him by email to buy cookies. But not wishing to resort to the “false advertising” she says her organization sometimes uses to sell their product, she has shared her own reviews of each cookie on a scale of one to 10.

 We know the girl has good taste because she gives top ratings to Samoas and Thin Mints, both a nine, and Tagalogs an eight. (They should all be tens, but she’s just a kid, so we’ll let it slide.) In descending order, Savannah Smiles get a seven, Trefoils get a six, Do-si-dos get a five. The S’more cookie goes unrated, because Charlotte says she hasn’t tried it, and the kid heaps scorn on the Toffee Tastic, which she calls “a bleak, flavorless gluten-free wasteland. I’m telling you, it is flavorless as dirt.” (Sidenote: How much dirt did she have to eat to get the dirt-tasting merit badge?) She may be young, but the kid already knows how to CYA, “These ratings are only my opinion. Yours may vary,” she said.

Okay, so how do we know this? Because Charlotte’s father passed this amusing little email along to his friend, television personality Mike Rowe. (He also produces Rowe’s podcast.) Rowe did a social media post where he read the letter (which then made headlines). He also shared the url for her cookie-selling website (because apparently that’s a thing now). The video of Rowe reading the letter has north of eight million views.

And what about Charlotte? Did she reach her goal to sell 300 boxes? Yeah, you could say that. She’s actually now sold over 11,000…