Mike Huckabee, May 18, 2017

Most parents know the experience of having children who refuse to accept that the time for them being the center of attention is over and they need to go to bed so the adults can get down to doing serious things. The children start whining and crying that they can’t settle down because there’s a bear under their beds. Eventually, the adults get so worn down from all the wailing and tantrums that they give in, grab a flashlight, and make a show of looking under the bed to investigate, just to triple-dog-prove that there is no scary imaginary bear under there. They hope this will finally make the children calm down and shut up. But it seldom works for long, since giving in just encourages more tantrums.

Why was I reminded of that universal parental dilemma when I heard that the Deputy Attorney General had given in to the endless, ear-piercing crying of Democrats and their media playmates and appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to look into their claims that the Russian bear had interfered in the election to tip it to Trump – claims for which we’ve seen about as much evidence as there is for a real bear hiding under your kids’ bunk beds? Of course, the need for a special counsel took on new urgency, thanks to the past week’s worth of “disturbing” stories about the Trump White House that have appeared in the adversary media – and never mind that they’ve all been based on unnamed sources and either proven false or flatly denied by everyone who had firsthand knowledge of the facts.


Inconvenient Facts

Before getting caught up in all the calls for impeachment (which some Democrats have been raising since the nanosecond Hillary made her concession call), here are a few inconvenient facts to consider:

The alleged memo cited by the New York Times amounts to secondhand hearsay. The reporter hadn’t even seen the memo to verify that it exists. He was quoting what an unnamed source told him that Comey wrote down that Trump allegedly said. It’s like a game of “Telephone” masquerading as journalism. Which is why Paul Ryan and other Republicans are demanding to see the alleged memo for real before forming any judgements.


The Consequences Of Impeachment

Let’s suppose that Mueller does find some evidence of wrongdoing by Trump campaign aides, and his enemies try to use that to remove Trump. The House would have to vote to approve an impeachment trial. The House that’s Republican by 238-193. Next, the Senate would have to hold the trial. It’s Republican by 52-46, and impeachment requires a two-thirds vote.

But even if Trump were somehow impeached, it’s been noted that a number of Trump-hating liberals seem to believe that would make Hillary Clinton President. Sorry to break it to them, but it would make Mike Pence President. Do they think they’d like his court appointments better than Trump’s? He’s such an upright Christian that the only grounds Democrats could find to impeach him on would be that he refuses to be alone with women other than his wife (granted, I’ve known some Democrats who probably think that should be an impeachable offense.) But if by some miracle, they did impeach Pence, then welcome to the White House President Paul Ryan. Impeach him and we get President Orrin Hatch. Impeach him and we’d work our way through Trump’s entire Cabinet. This is what happens when a party alienates so many voters with its failed policies and in-your-face arrogance that it loses over 1,000 elected offices in eight years and controls none of the branches of the federal government. No wonder they’d rather blame Russia than do any self-examination.

Finally, I believe that many of the deep state termites, Democratic hotheads and their media mouthpieces howling for impeachment have no concept of the uncontrollable fire they’re playing with. Nearly 63 million Americans voted for Donald Trump, many specifically because they were fed up with having their voices silenced and dismissed by Washington elitists. If those same elitists think they’re going to gin up some transparent coup attempt to negate those Americans’ votes and not ignite a massive public backlash that will make Trump stronger than any President of recent history, then they’re living in a fool’s paradise (and they are: Washington, DC.) Trump should be saying, “You wanna impeach me? Bring it on!”