Mike Huckabee, December 24, 2017

Props to Tablet magazine for uncovering what might be the poisoned root of the entire Russiagate tale, which was planted well before the “Russian dossier.” They believe it dates back to a 2007 Wall Street Journal story on Russian interactions with US lobbyists, politicians and businesses and the authors’ successful plan to surreptitiously lead investigators into “getting” Paul Manafort. It’s a convoluted tale that peels back the dubious origins of the “Russian dossier” and just how deep and early it was circulated in top Democratic government circles as an excuse to use Trump’s bad hire of Manafort to tie Trump to Russia.

One stunning detail: Tablet reporters were able to ferret all this out partly because the author’s wife/co-writer got annoyed that her husband wasn’t getting the “credit” for creating the Russiagate scandal and foolishly bragged about it on Facebook, then deleted her posts. Oops!  She forgot that the Internet is forever.  The Tablet reporters got the screenshots.