The Daily Shot, Ricochet, August 8, 2017

There are big plans in the works in Turkey. Last week, President Erdoğan appointed new leaders for the army, air force, and navy. Now we know why. In comments Saturday, Erdoğan said, “We will not leave the separatist organization in peace in both Iraq and Syria,” adding, “We know that if we do not drain the swamp, we cannot get rid of flies.” (Apparently swamps in Anatolia have more flies than mosquitos?)

He’s speaking, of course, about Kurdish groups, specifically the PKK and the YPG. Erdoğan was putting everyone on notice that he’s about to take them on. There’s been exchanges of artillery in the past few weeks between Turkish forces and the YPG along the border. And there’s a new plan in the works to attack YPG militias.

That’s a problem obviously because the YPG are the main group fighting to take the ISIS capital of Raqqa. If Turkey goes all-out against them right now, there’s no telling what it might mean for the war effort against ISIS or the multiple other conflicts in the region.

Fortunately the Department is fully staffed and therefore ready to … Oh, wait. We did that one already.