The Daily Shot, Ricochet, August 8, 2017

Yesterday morning when Kim Jong-Un opened The Daily Shot, boy howdy, he hit the roof. First of all, TDS doesn’t arrive there until 8:30 pm. Second, the crippling sanctions against his nation. The North Korean government spent Monday on a tirade against the new restrictions, promising retaliation “thousands of times over.” (Um, about the sanctions. They’re used to the other thing.)

They’re illegal, they’re an affront to North Korean sovereignty … probably some other stuff. “Watching them go frantic,” they said (meaning our response to their missile tests), “only redoubles the DPRK’s pride in the country’s great might and reaffirms its faith that the path it had chosen is the only way to survive and prosper.” (And to clarify, by “survive and prosper,” they mean “continuing missile tests in the face of the biggest drought in 15 years.”)

So that’s where we’re at? Things are just going to get worse? Maybe not. Right now Rex Tillerson is in the Philippines attending a summit of Asian foreign ministers, including the North Korean foreign minister. The two haven’t met directly, but at a presser yesterday, Tillerson said the US was open to negotiations.

Fortunately the Department is fully staffed and therefore ready to maximize this potential diplomatic opening. No, wait. The complete opposite of that.