Mike Huckabee, July 6, 2017

Here’s further proof of how out-of-touch with mainstream Americans our celebrities and news media figures are. When Vice President Mike Pence revealed that he doesn’t have dinner or drinks alone with women other than his wife, he weathered a flurry of attacks, ranging from mockery of his squareness to accusations of sexism. But it turns out that most Americans think that’s a pretty good rule to follow.

A New York Times poll of registered voters found that a plurality of men and a clear majority of women agree with Mike Pence. Here’s a detail worth noting: only 48% of men think it’s inappropriate for a man to have a drink alone with a woman who’s not his wife, but 60% of women think it is. Maybe that means 12% of women might want to keep a closer eye on their husbands.

Another point worth sharing: Mike and Karen Pence have been happily married for 32 years. How many of the Hollywood and news media celebrities who mocked him can say the same?