Mike Huckabee May 15, 2017

 Just when you think political correctness on college campuses can’t get any more idiotic and totalitarian, the editors of the Portland State University newspaper fired a student reporter for accurately quoting what a Muslim student said at a public forum about his own religion’s treatment of non-Muslims in some Muslim nations – which was also accurate. By the way, the quote was posted on Twitter. The paper rejected even printing the story. The editor allegedly accused the reporter of being “predatory” and “reckless” and putting the Muslim student and his family at risk of violence by implying that they advocated the killing of atheists. Which obviously wasn’t what happened at all: the student was just accurately describing what happens in some Muslim nations, and the reporter quoted him accurately.

It appears that to this campus paper, promoting the preferred PC narrative is more important than reporting the facts, so anyone interested in telling the public what really happened has to turn to Twitter to bypass the media. Wow, they really are preparing students for a career in modern journalism!