Mike Huckabee, May 9, 2017

Writing for New York Magazine, Eric Levitz asserted that one group is particularly grateful for the NRA’s opposition to background checks at gun shows, because it makes guns easier to obtain.


That’s right, he actually put ISIS on the same side as gun rights advocates, when we’ve seen time and time again how easy it is for terrorists to possess and use semiautomatic weapons like the AR-15 even in places with tight restrictions such as California –- and even in France, for crying out loud, where they are banned outright. In truth, it’s a strong Second Amendment that helps defend against terrorism.

The worst threat of violence at the moment is all the heads exploding when rational people try to read New York Magazine.

At the link is a great video interview with Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer, husband of Bristol Palin, in which he takes this “New York bubble”-headed writer’s argument and, shall we say, shoots it full of holes.

See the link here http://www.bizpacreview.com/2017/05/07/dakota-meyer-takes-on-new-york-magazine-over-nraisis-claim-487640