Mike Huckabee, November 23, 2017

After nearly four decades in power, and keeping his people terrorized and impoverished, Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe has finally been forced to retire by the military and the public. Under Mugabe, health care and agriculture were decimated and the average life expectancy fell from 62 to 36 years. The people not only lived in fear and oppression, they also had to endure a terrible economy wracked by hyperinflation that actually resulted in the government issuing 100 trillion dollar bills. Wonder how many of those it would have taken to buy a loaf of bread?

Mugabe is 93, and word is that he might be allowed to flee quietly, but the generals and the people are demanding that his wife Grace be prosecuted. Zimbabwe’s First Lady is widely hated for her autocratic ways and lavish spending that earned her the nickname “Gucci Grace.” In fact, she might have been what finally led to Mugabe’s ouster, when she allegedly made death threats against the Vice President to clear the way for herself to assume power. It turned out the people really didn’t want a big-spending, autocratic First Lady to become President.

Although she’ll probably blame all this on the Russians.