Mike Huckabee, April 24, 2017

Today I am writing to you from Israel, where Janet and I along with our son David are leading a tour group of new and old friends. It is a very solemn day: from sundown on Sunday to sundown today is Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day 2017. It’s a time set aside to remember and reflect upon the approximately six million Jews killed by Nazi Germany and those who risked and gave their lives to try to save them. That’s why today’s must-read link is to Jewish blogger Jeff Dunetz, who explains why the Holocaust was uniquely horrific in history (as terrible as other genocides were, the Jews weren’t killed because someone wanted to take their land or their power – they had none – but exterminated simply because of who they were.)

But more than that, Dunetz lists – in frightening detail – the many people and organizations that today are ushering hatred and anti-Semitism back into mainstream discourse, usually under the guise of anti-Zionism or criticizing Israel, but sometimes nakedly and unapologetically. Anti-Semitism is rearing its ugly head even at the highest levels of governments around the world and among allegedly “progressive” organizations that call their opponents “Hitler” at the drop of a hat, but think nothing of blaming all the world’s problems on Israel and the Jews. The UN is a prime example, and I cannot express how gratifying it is to have a UN ambassador who is finally calling out that nest of hypocrites on its rampant anti-Semitism. Dunetz quotes Elie Wiesel, whose comment about Israel’s security is sadly growing more urgent with each passing day: “We learned to trust our enemy’s threats more than our friend’s promises. “

Today, as we remember and say a prayer for the victims and heroes of the Holocaust, take time to read this column and see why it is more important than ever that we keep alive the slogan of the Warsaw Jewish resistance: “Never again!”