Mike Huckabee, August 3, 2017

If North Korea eventually manages to obtain ICBMs that can deliver nuclear payloads (something that’s looking increasingly likely with each passing day), what would be their primary targets? They already told us, in a propaganda photo released in 2013. They’re at the link, and they’re all inside the United States.

Just a reminder: this all started with a Democratic President (Bill Clinton) allowing a rogue regime to build nuclear reactors for “peaceful energy-generating purposes,” and depending on UN inspectors to make sure they didn’t ramp up a nuclear weapons program to threaten the world. If that sounds eerily familiar, substitute “Obama” for “Clinton” and “Iran” for “North Korea.”

The only difference is that the Iran deal is the deadly Democratic mistake that hasn’t quite come to fruition yet, so it could still be halted. That is, if anyone in Washington has the guts or sense to put preventing the rise of a nuclear-armed Iran above preserving Obama’s precious legacy.