Mike Huckabee, August 24, 2017

There’s yet another poll showing that a large proportion of the public agree with President Trump that the blame for the Charlottesville violence was not all on one side. But this poll is particularly interesting because it involves those closest to it. MASSInc polling found that 41% of Virginians blame the left and right equally, while 40% put most of the blame on the white nationalists. It also found that by a 52-25 margin, Virginians think Confederate monuments represent history, not racism. However, only 30% approve of the way Trump responded to the violence. Judging from the way it was covered by the media, I wonder if they realize he responded to it pretty much the way most of them did.



Here’s where we separate the genuinely repentant white liberals from the fashionable virtue-signalers: A self-described “core organizer” of Black Lives Matter Louisville issued a list of reparations that she thinks white people owe to black people. They include downsizing your living space and giving your house to a black or brown family.

There are an awful lot of liberal celebrities, politicians and news media figures living in houses much larger than they really need and lecturing hard-working Americans who are just trying to keep a roof over their heads about how racist they are. Here’s your chance: put your mansions where your mouths are!