Replacing Obamacare, Mike Huckabee, January 31, 2017

Someone recorded a meeting of Congressional Republicans discussing the difficulties of repealing and replacing Obamacare without causing premiums to rise or people to lose their health coverage (we’ll set aside for the moment the ethics of leaking recordings of private meetings and liberal media outlets printing them, after they treated the DNC email leaks as practically high treason.) The New York Times described the meeting participants as “fretting” over the problems, while the Drudge Report opted for the more incendiary term, “freaking.” But I read the excerpts. It sounded to me like serious people candidly discussing all the advantages and pitfalls of various ideas and trying to arrive at a solution that would work best for the most people with the minimum amount of pain and cost. If the Democrats had “freaked” and “fretted” like that when they were writing the ACA bill in the first place, it might not need to be repealed and replaced before it collapses.


Free Speech At Berkeley Dies, Mike Huckabee, February 2, 2017

Conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos loves to stir up controversy, but the sparks got out of hand last night on the UC-Berkeley campus. Masked leftist protesters who were trying to prevent him from speaking lighted fires, threw rocks, tore down barricades, set off fireworks and knocked over light poles. They also reportedly attacked and pepper-sprayed students who had merely come there to hear what Yiannopoulos had to say. Police moved in to restore order, the speech was canceled, and Yiannopoulos was evacuated off the campus.

Ironically, in 1964, the UC-Berkeley campus was the birthplace of what became known as the “Free Speech Movement.” Leftist students held massive protests and sit-ins (Joan Baez even came to sing to them), demanding that the university end its ban on on-campus political activities and recognize that students had a right to academic freedom and free speech. They eventually won that right. It prevailed for 52 years. Until last night, when leftist student protesters finally became that which they claim to hate and flushed the free speech rights their predecessors won in the ‘60s right down the toilet.