The Transom, Ben Domenech, April 28, 2017



After 100 days, what is your takeaway from the Donald Trump presidency? Well, let’s start with the fact that Trump is still president. Seriously, folks, recall for a minute the fevered belligerence of resistance-minded leftists and conspiracy theory obsessed people on the right who insisted that Donald Trump would never be inaugurated, that he would be impeached immediately, that his campaign was a Russian op engineered by ne’er do wells in the Kremlin, that he would crash and burn in a way that would require the Republican Party to ditch him and all his associates as rapidly as possible. All of them were wrong. The President remains the President, and the Trump abides – fickle, disorienting, and always aggressive in his posture toward his foes, both foreign and domestic.

The first 100 days have brought conservatives incredible success in the arena of cabinet and agency appointees. If you hate overregulation, you must be enjoying this – Trump has named a group of aggressive reformers to nearly every position empowered to roll back the regulations of the Obama years. If you are a social conservative who reluctantly hitched your fortunes to the Trump train, you are likely ‘over the moon’ about Trump’s appointments and in particular his SCOTUS selection.  And if you are negatively inclined toward the American media, Trump has supported you as well – as Margaret Sullivan writes today, after 100 days, the media are still embarrassing themselves covering Trump.  There has been plenty of winning if you are in any of these categories.

But there is no joy in impeachmentville, where The Resistance offers a constant and increasingly shrill rant maintaining that the non-disclosure of Michael Flynn’s payments from RT and some meetings taken by Carter Page amount to treason, and impeachable offenses. They don’t.  And yet the people who claim they do somehow keep being treated seriously in some corners, as they offer hope to all the extremists who believe this presidency must end as rapidly as possible – but would still take the streets in vagina hats were Mike Pence to assume the office. Which he won’t.

To understand how extreme these voices truly are, consider that severe Trump opponents Lena Dunham and Samantha Bee are slowly coming to terms with President Trump.  “DUNHAM: You’re going to be making Full Frontal for a long time. Given the fact that Donald Trump has not yet been impeached, what are your hopes for the next four years? What do you think is the best-case scenario and how can we — people who are reading The Hollywood Reporter, who are in the business — use our voices?

BEE: I have no idea.

DUNHAM: Yup, great answer.

BEE: I really don’t know. Personally just as a private, personal citizen, I’m really hoping for some stability. I would love to feel confident that we’re not going to war. I don’t know what the future holds at all. I am so sorry to not have any answers for you.”

100 Days in, whatever his executive achievements or lack of legislative achievements, Donald Trump has withstood the many varied attempts to establish a basis for removal from office or to undo the results of last year’s election. This may seem like a small feat, but considering the number of very serious people – the Louise Mensch, John Schindler, and Evan McMullin (he was on TV this morning) wing of the commentariat – who continue to maintain that he is unfit, a traitor, on the cusp of impeachment… it is somewhat surprising how steady his hold on the office seems to be today. Expect that to continue. There is no shoe to drop. Donald Trump is the President of the United States.