Mike Huckabee, April 24, 2017

This weekend’s French elections didn’t tell us definitively whether the French will follow the British and the Americans in overthrowing their smug establishment leaders, but it doesn’t bode well for the elites. There will be a runoff election between centrist Emmanuel Macron (23.7%) and National Front candidate Marine LePen (21.7%) on the right. LePen has been vilified as a far-right extremist for her anti-immigration/enforce the borders views, but reports are that a number of women who fear the rise of militant Islam in the name of political correctness quietly supported her while refusing to admit it to pollsters. Those same polls show Macron with an early lead, but both the US presidential polls and the UK Brexit polls suggest that these days, a Magic 8-Ball might be a more reliable predictor of election outcomes. It’s also not clear how well Macron’s election eve comment that the French just have to get used to terrorist attacks as a part of daily life, coming right after a deadly attack on a police officer on the Champs Elysees in Paris, is going to go over with French voters in the long run.

But whoever wins, it will mark a sea change for France. Neither candidate represents a party that’s held power in France, and those who did got shut out of the runoff. Of course, there are those who are already out protesting in the streets because their candidates lost. Most oppose any changes in the way France and the EU have been run in recent years. Let’s pray that while they’re out in the streets, they don’t get shot by terrorists who were welcomed into France with open arms by the people they want to reelect.