Mike Huckabee, March 23, 2017

Democrats obviously never saw Hillary’s loss coming, and here’s another thing that might blindside them, considering all their high-horse rhetoric about being “on the right side of history” and “demographics as destiny” assuring their rise to power forever and ever, since minorities and young people will always be liberal.

World War II and the Depression created the largest generation of conservatives in US history. They created the Post-War boom, and years of peace and plenty produced several liberal generations who came to power in the ‘90s. Their policies gave us the economic woes, crushing debt, bloated government, reduced freedom, hostile identity politics, diminished job opportunities and national security problems that the current youngest generation (dubbed Generation Z) has grown up with. They are now 70 million strong, and some just voted for the first time in 2016. Several studies have recently been published of the political views of this youngest generation in the US and UK, and liberals might want to sit down or take a hit of “medicinal” pot before reading further.

Eight out of 10 member of Generation Z identify themselves as “fiscally conservative” and prefer saving money to spending. In the UK, nearly 60 percent rated their views on transgender rights, same-sex marriage and legalized marijuana as “conservative” or “moderate,” compared to 83% of Millennials who are “quite liberal” or “very liberal” on those issues. Just like the Greatest Generation, the members of Generation Z are reacting to being brought up in tougher times by getting tougher, more pragmatic and more conservative. Heck, they’re even 10 times more likely than Millennials to reject tattoos and body piercings!

Read more at the link. http://www.christianpost.com/news/generation-z-most-conservative-since-wwii-177793/?utm_campaign=huckabee

This could provide ultimate proof of the enduring power of the bad example. Of course, it could also partly reflect the fact that conservative parents are more likely to have children than to abort them. If you want a real lesson in how “demographics is destiny,” here’s one: The future belongs to those who actually produce the next generation.