Mike Huckabee, September 29, 2017

At the link, an argument for why the left is wrong in accusing people of being racist if they are offended by the NFL players’ protests during the National Anthem. It shows that the vast majority of Americans have opposed disrespecting the flag as a form of protest since long before this NFL situation came up.

Crying “racism” and “white supremacist” has become the lazy go-to response on the left to any criticism of their tactics. It’s not only insulting and defamatory to label people as racists who are not racist, it also diminishes the power of the charge. That’s unconscionable because it gives cover to real racists and white supremacists. It’s like the story of the boy who cried “Wolf!” so often that his false alarms ultimately helped the wolves sneak in undetected.

As someone who grew up in the South during the civil rights era of the ‘60s and saw firsthand the struggle against real racism, it infuriates me to see people diluting the seriousness of that wretched and detestable sin by tossing around the term so cavalierly. There is no proof at all that football fans are angry because many of the players protesting are African-American, or because they aren’t concerned about real incidences of racism and injustice. They are upset that the players have brought their protests into a venue that has always been a politics-free common ground where all Americans could come together to enjoy the pure, untainted competition of sports; and that they are doing in a way that shows disrespect for the flag and the National Anthem. If they had kept the protests off the field and not done it in a way that shows contempt for the symbols that unite all Americans, then I doubt anyone would have complained.