Mike Huckabee, August 10, 2017

If someone is poor, is it because of some failing of their own, like not working hard enough or succumbing to temptations like drink or drugs? Or is it due to some circumstances they were born into and can’t control, like institutional racism or class prejudice? A new Kaiser Foundation study discovered that the way you answer that question might depend on…well, your circumstances.

White Evangelical Christians, Catholics and Republicans are likely to believe that living in poverty is related to lack of personal responsibility (Republicans believe that about 2-1.) Atheists, black Christians and Democrats blame it on your circumstances (Democrats by about 3-1). Of course, the answer isn’t that simple: some people born to privilege end up on Skid Row and some born in ghettos end up in mansions. Read the article to get a more detailed portrait of the findings. But bear in mind that someone’s answer to that question likely says more about the way they view the world than about the real root cause of poverty.