Mike Huckabee, April 18, 2017


Liberals like to think they’re the ones with the cutting-edge sense of humor and creativity, but if they were right, “Saturday Night Live” would be a lot funnier than it is.

The opening for the most recent SNL offers up, once again, Alec Baldwin doing his cringeworthy impression of President Trump. Nothing new to see here –- to reference an earlier, much funnier SNL character, “You haf become tiresome” –- but this sketch also gives a glimpse into what writers and comedians in Manhattan think of Trump supporters in “flyover country.”

In the sketch, they’re patriotic, dimwitted hayseeds who still support Trump no matter what, smiling through their tears as he disappoints them on one point after another. But has anyone really seen this happen? Seems to me Trump has been getting good grades overall, at least from those tuned in to what’s really going on as opposed to those watching hysterical broadcasters on CNN and MSNBC. The new administration has had so much heavy lifting to do on such a variety of fronts, foreign and domestic, and so much opposition from the media and the left (but I repeat myself), the internal bureaucracy, and even factions of the Republican Party that Trump deserves major credit for his ability to handle it so far.

But Alec’s “Trump” compares his supporters to someone who gets a finger in his bowl of chili but eats it anyway because he likes chili. In truth, the people who are giving his supporters “the finger” are liberal writers and protesters, who have no respect for them.

No wonder SNL struggles for ratings.