Mike Huckabee, May 16, 2017

President Trump is attempting to plug the leaks from the White House in ways that make absolute sense: acting quickly and decisively, before many people have a clue of what he’s planning to do; and at the same time, keeping his inner circle very small. But that also makes it challenging to bring the staff up to speed in time for daily press briefings. So Trump muses about doing away with the daily briefing. And the press goes crazy.

What we have now is an obligatory three-ring circus every afternoon, with reporters playing the hungry lions and tigers who would like nothing more than to eat the elephants (GOP) in the center ring. They love the smell of blood so much that they can “detect” it even when it’s not there, and they’ll swallow anything that can be torn into pieces and squeezed to fit into their own narrative. To take the analogy even further –- sorry –- the communications specialists are the tightrope walkers, performing without a net above the lions and tigers. Come to think of it, maybe they’re the ones getting shot out of a cannon; that metaphor may be even more apt.

In the media’s ideal world, Trump can’t win no matter what he does –- either he continues the status quo and the leaks continue, or he changes it and gets accused of lacking transparency. It’s easy to see why Trump might want to do away with this animal act. Ringling Bros. did that. But they turned out to be in a can’t-win situation as well.