Mike Huckabee, May 25, 2017

After visiting Saudi Arabia and Israel, President Trump finished his tour of the homelands of three major religions by meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican. He then went on to meet with the President and Prime Minister of Italy before heading on to Brussels for a G7 summit.

One of the things that Trump has accomplished on this trip is to silence the critics who said he wasn’t ready for prime time on the foreign stage; that he lacked the experience to do statecraft. No wonder liberal media outlets tried so hard to ignore this trip. Look at what’s happened already: he’s made more headway than the last President did in eight years. He’s warmed relations with leaders with whom our relations had grown frosty. He’s been the toast of the town in places where that’s very tough, like Riyadh. He’s warmed the relationship with the Pope, which has been a little tense over the past few months. He’s shown that he has the ability to be a leader who shows strength and, as liberals like to say, “speaks truth to power,” but who is also willing to work with other people on common goals, even people who’ve criticized him.

Maybe all the unwarranted attacks on Trump served a purpose after all, in helping him to develop such a thick skin. We’ve seen what comes from having a thin-skinned leader who refused to reach out to those who disagreed with him. Having someone who just shrugs off criticism and gets down to work is a refreshing change.