Mike Huckabee, November 11, 2017, mikehuckabee.com

We know most of the press has adopted the Jimmy Kimmel mantra that everything President Trump does is “bad, bad, bad.” But it’s a little much when they claim that it’s equally bad, bad, bad when he does one thing and when he does the exact opposite.

Case in point: during Trump’s very successful tour of Asia, where’s he’s being greeted warmly and winning diplomatic and trade concessions, he said that he didn’t blame China for taking advantage of terrible American trade negotiators because they were just looking out for their country. Honestly, that sounds pretty obvious to me. But the press dived on it, blasting Trump for turning so diplomatic after he’d run on campaign rhetoric about China “raping” us on bad trade deals. They accused him of coming across as a weak leader.

Of course, when he made the original aggressive comments, they accused him of being undiplomatic and unfit to represent the US to China. A simpler explanation might be that he used campaign rhetoric during the campaign and diplomatic rhetoric during a diplomatic visit, but that wouldn’t let them employ the one-size-fits-all “everything Trump does is bad, bad, bad” template.

Even more annoying, though, was seeing members of the Clinton and Obama Administrations, such as Madeleine Albright, take to the cameras to denounce Trump for not denouncing the Chinese to their faces. Fox News’ Laura Ingraham had a perfect response to that: a list of ways in which China repeatedly rolled over Obama without a peep from him and a montage of photos of Albright smilingly lifting champagne flutes with such world class tyrants as Vladimir Putin and Kim’s dad/predecessor, Kim Jong Il. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw champagne bottles.