Mike Huckabee, January 25, 2017

Here is a story that should strike terror into top level Democrats. President Trump just held a high level meeting, and one of the participants came out gushing about finally meeting a politician who really intends to keep his campaign promises:

“We just had probably the most incredible meeting of our careers with (President Donald J. Trump). He intends to do the work on the issues he discussed on the campaign trail. It was by far the best meeting I’ve had (in Washington). We believe that President Trump really is going to put America first. I’ve been around this town long enough to know things are said in the heat of battle. The details we just heard from the President, we’re very excited about.”

Coming from anyone, that would be bad news enough for Democratic leaders, but here’s the part that will have them reaching for their smelling salts and martini pitchers: That quote was from Building Trade Union head Sean McGarvey. Trump was meeting with the heads of a number of big labor unions, traditionally among the most reliable supporters/donors/voter wranglers for the donkey party, about his promise to return manufacturing jobs to the US.

A number of people said this before the election, but it bears repeating now: The left attacked Trump as a liar, but they really weren’t scared that he was lying about “making America great again.” They’re terrified that he really meant it and will actually do it.

Donald Trump And The Polls, Mike Huckabee

One of the most venerable anti-Trump themes in the media is repeating negative comparisons of his approval rating to that of Obama. I suspect that Obama’s high approval rating at the end was far more a function of his personal likability than approval of his policies (or else just relief that it was finally over). In fact, the election verified previous polls showing a majority of Americans thought the country was on the wrong track during his tenure. And we’ve recently learned that his overall average approval rating (47.9%) was lower than Nixon’s. Meanwhile, it was no wonder that Trump’s approval rating was in the toilet: the man has been the subject of a 24/7 media assault ever since he won the nomination. With that much incessant badmouthing, you could convince people to hate macaroni and cheese. But only until they get a taste of it. Then all bets are off.

Trump has now been in office just under a week, Americans are getting a taste of what he intends to do as President, and the negative narrative is already crumbing. Turns out he didn’t lie about all those campaign promises; instead, he’s immediately moving to keep them. He didn’t do what his opponents claimed and start deporting legal immigrants and betraying working people to enrich himself; instead, he resigned from his businesses and is meeting constantly with big companies and unions about bringing jobs back to America. And now, the same thing is happening with his approval rating that happened when the public learned that the crazy cowboy actor who was going to blow up the world (Ronald Reagan) was nothing like the image the media had been pushing. Click the link for the details from Rasmussen Reports.