Mike Huckabee, November 18, 2017, mikehuckabee.com

The identity of the informant who will testify to Congress next week about the Uranium One deal has allegedly been revealed. According to Reuters, he’s William D. Campbell, a former lobbyist for a Russian company. There are claims that he has amassed a huge amount of evidence of the corruption behind the sale of one-fifth of America’s uranium to the Russian firm, Rosatom. That allegedly even includes videotape of Russians opening up briefcases full of cash destined for the Clintons.

This sounds like the stuff of drive-in spy movies. We have to wait for the Congressional hearings to find out how much of this is true, if any, and how much is rumor or embellishment. Until then, I sincerely hope that Mr. Campbell has paid several briefcases full of cash to a really top-of-the-line personal security guard firm. And maybe a stack of hundreds to a food taster.