Mike Huckabee, March 21, 2017

No evidence that surveillance was carried out on the Trump campaign? Well, as Rand Paul sees it, we already know this was done. Here’s the logic: If Michael Flynn was surveilled (he was), and Michael Flynn was part of the Trump campaign (he was), then spies had their ears on the Trump campaign. While the language in Trump’s tweet was imprecise, his essential claim is already proven true. This is so simple, even Nancy Pelosi should be able to understand it.

Remember when James Clapper said intelligence may have been gathered “unwittingly” on American citizens? We know he misled Congress on this point. I wonder –- if they try to say now that they “unwittingly” scooped up Michael Flynn in some other investigation, will they also expect us to believe that the unmasking and illegal leaking of his name by someone with high-level security clearance were done “unwittingly” as well?