Bill O’Reilly Is Forced Out At Fox, NY Times; Bill O’Reilly Out At Fox News, Washington Examiner.

Also see, Bill O’Reilly: An Awful, Awful Man, Eric Wemple, Washington Post.

Common Sense Commentary: We only include this Post piece to round out the coverage and because it includes details on the sexual harassment allegations that the others don’t. However, O’Reilly went after many at the Post over the years so we’re sure they are jumping around in glee at his misfortune. CS believes that it is inappropriate to call anyone an “awful man” in this situation and that the character of someone who does speaks for itself. This article, from another liberal source, gives another contrary view: Allegations Against O’Reilly Piled Up For Years, The Daily Beast. For deeper context also see, Ex Wife Of Bill O’Reilly And Their Marital Strife, Daily Mail.

Latest Updates: What Will Happen With O’Reilly Now? Glenn Beck May Know, Joe Concha, The Hill; Bill O’Reilly Returns With New Podcast Monday, Eli Blumenthal, USA Today; What’s Bill O’Reilly’s Next Move? Michael O’Connell, Hollywood Reporter

Also see, Hypocrisy In The Anti-O’Reilly Army, Brent Bozell/Graham, IBD

Also see, 7 Things To Know About Bill O’Reilly, Ajc; 5 Things You Need To Know About Fox News Cutting O’Reilly, pjmedia; Bill O’Reilly’s Secret: Centrist, Not Conservative, Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart. For Bill O’Reilly’s personal statement on his departure, see here.

The Media’s Misguided Campaign Against Sebastian Gorka, Amir Kamrani, Daily Caller

Common Sense Commentary: Of course Radical Islam has been around for ages and is not caused by poverty, inequality, etc. This article is insightful, but ultimately misdirects concerning the real issue. CS believes that any religion can only be characterized by the nature of its founder. That is, it is impossible to separate the nature of a religion from the nature of its founder. If it is separated, the religion no longer has authority. The problem with ‘reforms’ of Islam is that it separates the nature and character of the religion from the nature and character of the founder. From the time he was in his 30’s until his death in his 60’s, Mohammed perpetuated his ‘religion’ by killing men, women, children, Muslims, Jews, and Christians and forcing them to ‘submit’ (Islam, in Arabic, means, ‘to submit’). Radical Islam has more historical authority than any other form of Islam.


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Bill O’Reilly’s Show Turns Out The Lights, Joe Concha, The Hill

James Murdoch Is In Charge And Fox News May Never Be The Same, Michael Wolff, Hollywood Reporter

Quote: “In some sense, with the ouster of Ailes and now O’Reilly, James has overthrown his own network.”

The Mission Was To Bring Down Bill O’Reilly, Roig-Franzia/Terris, The Washington Post

Common Sense Commentary: Even though from the usually one-sided Post, full of new details and honest about the Left’s attempt to bring O’Reilly down. Note what the article says about Lisa Bloom, the attorney representing many of the attackers and orchestrating much of the attack: “Bloom — the daughter of famed publicity-savvy attorney Gloria Allred [emphasis CS] — gained enormous leverage when the Times published its blockbuster April 1 story about the O’Reilly settlements. But she feared that interest would fade.”

Why The US Secretary Of Defense Is Ignorant About Israel And Terrorism, Caroline Glick, Breaking Israel News/Jerusalem Post

How Women Can Prevent Sexual Harassment At Work, Suzanne Venker, The Federalist

Don’t Jump On the Anti-Bill O’Reilly Bandwagon, Suzanne Venker, Washington Examiner

Former IRS Heads Lois Lerner And John Koskinen Should Have Criminal Charges Filed Against Them, D Hawthorne, amgreatness

Trump’s 100 Day Contract To Make America Great Again

President Trump’s Easter 2017 Message



Celebrating Golda Meir: First Woman Head Of State in Middle East, Facebook/Israel Project


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Olly The Hilarious Jack Russell Terrier, You Tube


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Video: This Is Why Bill O’Reilly Was Fired, CNN

Common Sense Commentary: This comes from CNN, notoriously one-sided and a competitor of Fox News, so hardly objective, but the piece contains some good information on why O’Reilly fell, including previous liberal groups campaign with advertisers to get rid of Glenn Beck. To compare O’Reilly with Bill Cosby goes too far – drug induced rape hardly compares with sexual harassment allegations, but he’s making a point about how the environment for weathering a storm like this has changed. All in all, some useful information on background and possible reasons Bill is gone, especially how liberal groups are working behind the scenes to enforce political correctness and liberally sanitize the media by organizing advertiser boycotts to hurt media companies economically. In CS’s opinion, Roger Ailes would never have caved to advertising-economic pressure to get rid of O’Reilly – but James Murdoch does not have the same political convictions, and probably has little social courage.


Common Sense Interpretation


Why Syria? The Transom, Ben Domenech

Fed Officials Expect To Reduce Portfolio Later This Year, The Transom, Ben Domenech

Game Changer, Mike Huckabee

The Case For Strikes In Syria Is Better Than The Case For War, Mollie Hemingway

Venezuela Update, Mike Huckabee

My Message From Israel, Mike Huckabee

The French Election, Mike Huckabee

What To Think Of Trump’s War Posture, The Transom, Ben Domenech

The Social And Political Irrelevance Of ‘Saturday Night Live’, Mike Huckabee

Tough Times In Turkey, The Daily Shot, Ricochet

The Oldest Person In The World Dies, The Daily Shot, Ricochet


Does Trump Know Turkey Is Now Run By A Dictator?, Caroline Glick, Breaking Israel News/

2017 Annual Forecast, Stratfor


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Quote: “When you commit murder and remain anonymous, your identity is a wound that lingers on the victim, the neighborhood, and in the worst cases, a nation.”

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TV: Bosch: One Of The Best Shows On TV Keeps It Real, Lisa Fung, Amazon; The Inside Story On Tomi Lahren, Peter Hasson, Daily Caller

Books: The Cartel, Don Winslow

Common Sense Commentary: On everyone’s bestseller or best read list for the last year, this highly researched and factual, but fictional and entertaining, tale illuminates the mess that is beyond the US Southern border and how the disintegration of our own culture ties us to it. Another can’t put down, must-read.

Quotes of the Month:

“You all start with the premise that democracy is some good. I don’t think it’s worth a damn. Churchill is right. The only thing to be said for democracy is that there is nothing else that’s any better….People say, ‘If the Congress were more representative of the people it would be better.’ I say Congress is too damn representative. It’s just as stupid as the people are, just as uneducated, just as dumb, just as selfish.” – Former Secretary of State Dean Acheson