The First 100 Days: Trump’s Biggest Achievement? Stopping The Left, Larry Elder, Townhall

And Then There Was Hannity: The Current State Of Fox News, Felix Gillette, Bloomberg

Common Sense Commentary: Interesting inside perspective into the network, but from a competitor and an increasingly liberal source, so watch for the bias and spin.

Hamas Returns Evil For Good In Israel, Mike Huckabee

Here’s What Ronald Reagan Did When Kids Went Ape At Berkeley, Donna Carol Voss, The Federalist

Bill O’Reilly Breaks His Silence, Grynbaum/Stack, NY Times; Also see, Bill O’Reilly Says Truth Will Come Out And Leave Listeners ‘Shaken,’ Garcia, The Blaze; Also see, O’Reilly Promises The Truth About Sexual Harassment Allegations, Paul Bond, Hollywood Reporter; Meet Lisa Bloom The Attorney Who Brought Bill O’Reilly Down, Lisa Cullens, Hollywood Reporter; Also see these updates: The Shake-Up At Fox News Continues, Hollywood Reporter; Another Lawsuit, The Blaze

UC Berkeley Censorship Of Ann Coulter Means Colleges May Face Lawsuits In The Future, Ashe Schow, The Federalist

New York City Mayor’s Race: Does Anyone Have A Shot at Ousting DeBlasio? Not Really, Goodman/Neuman, NY Times

The New York Times Slants The News, Ed Klein, Townhall


Editor’s Choice

The First 100 Days Of Trump: I Thought It Would Be Easier, Adler/Mason/Holland, Reuters

First 100 Days: Media Elite Don’t Get Trump, But The People Do, David N. Bossie, USA Today

The Inevitable And Continued Ratings And Profit Slide Of ESPN, Sean Davis, The Federalist

The American Founders Knew What They Were Talking About: A Thriving Republic Requires Virtue, Mike Sabo, The Federalist

Quote: “Government violations of the people’s rights may justify the people to resort to what John Locke called an “appeal to heaven”—the natural right of the people to revolt and institute a new government that secures their safety and happiness.”

It Is A Myth The Rich Pay Less Taxes: The Top 20% Of Earners Pay Almost 90%, Guy Benson, Townhall

Quote: “Asked how much more the top 20 percent pays in federal taxes compared to the bottom 20 percent, roughly 70 percent of Americans said that the ratio was between 3-to-1 and 8-to-1. The correct answer is 22-to-1.”

A Summary Of America’s War Efforts And Results Over The Last 3 Decades, Victor Davis Hanson,

James Murdoch Is In Charge And Fox News May Never Be The Same, Michael Wolff, Hollywood Reporter

Quote: “In some sense, with the ouster of Ailes and now O’Reilly, James has overthrown his own network.”

Trump’s 100 Day Contract To Make America Great Again



Netanyahu Calls On Palestinian Leaders to Confront Terrorism And Exposes Hypocrisy and Duplicity Of Palestinian Leaders, Hannity, Fox News

Netanyahu Talks About Dangers Of A Nuclear-Armed Iran, Hannity, Fox News

Netanyahu: US Shift On Iran Is Essential, Hannity, Fox News


Comic Videos

Olly The Hilarious Jack Russell Terrier, You Tube


Short Videos

Gorka: Trump Understands The Importance Of Using Force, Hannity, Fox News

A Short Review Of The Tax Debate From The Past, Nick Gillespie, Reason TV/You Tube

Do The Rich Pay Their Fair Share In Taxes? A UCLA Economics Professor Explains, Prager U/You Tube

Video: This Is Why Bill O’Reilly Was Fired, CNN

Common Sense Commentary: This comes from CNN, notoriously one-sided and a competitor of Fox News, so hardly objective, but the piece contains some good information on why O’Reilly fell, including previous liberal groups campaign with advertisers to get rid of Glenn Beck. To compare O’Reilly with Bill Cosby goes too far – drug induced rape hardly compares with sexual harassment allegations, but he’s making a point about how the environment for weathering a storm like this has changed. All in all, some useful information on background and possible reasons Bill is gone, especially how liberal groups are working behind the scenes to enforce political correctness and liberally sanitize the media by organizing advertiser boycotts to hurt media companies economically. In CS’s opinion, Roger Ailes would never have caved to advertising-economic pressure to get rid of O’Reilly – but James Murdoch does not have the same political convictions, and probably has little social courage.


Common Sense Interpretation


A Review And Summary of The FBI, James Comey, Hilary And The Election Controversy, Judge Napolitano, Townhall

The First 100 Days: Trump’s Overarching Achievement, The Transom, Ben Domenech

When Will His Critics Learn? Trump’s Way Of Making A Deal, Mike Huckabee

Retail’s Collapse And Coca-Cola, The Transom, Ben Domenech

Understanding The French Election Run-Off – Is Macron The EU’s Last Best Hope, One Of The Last Of Yesterday? Pat Buchanan, Townhall

Understanding The French Election: The Dangers Of France’s Marine Le Pen, Michael Brown, Townhall

Say What? All This And We Still Don’t Understand ObamaCare Repeal And Reform, The Transom, Ben Domenech

Why Islamists And Fascists Persecute Christians, Raymond Ibrahim,

Trump/Abbas: What Palestinians Think And Why, Caroline Glick, Breaking Israel News

Quote: “68% of Palestinians believe that even if a Palestinian state is established in Gaza, Judea and Samaria with Jerusalem as its capital, they should continue to aspire to Israel’s destruction. In other words, even if the PLO signs a deal with Israel that says the conflict has been resolved, for 68% of Palestinians the conflict will continue. They oppose ending the education of their children to seek Israel’s destruction and accepting Israel as a peaceful neighbor…69 years ago, the Jews established our state. A Palestinian state was not established then or since, not because Israel was unwilling for such a state to come into being, but because the Palestinians refuse to accept Israel’s right to exist.”

Some Valid And Important Questions To Ask About Trump’s Syria Response, Pat Buchanan, Townhall


The Problem With Science: speculative theory, bad science, statistical chicanery, phony research, science as religion – and much more, Jeremy Samuel Faust, Slate

Quote: “Let’s face it: People like science when it supports their views. I see this every day…Who needs science when you have something mightier—personal experience?…Most of what you read and hear about turns out to be mere associations, and mostly fairly weak ones, at that.”

Does Trump Know Turkey Is Now Run By A Dictator?, Caroline Glick, Breaking Israel News/

2017 Annual Forecast, Stratfor


More Common Sense

ProphecySee Common Sense Prophecy for multiple predictions – up to 11 years prior to events – that Trump would become U.S. President

Culture: In The Footsteps Of A Killer: The Worst Unidentified Violent Serial Offender In Modern American History, The Golden State Killer, Has Never Been Caught, Michelle McNamara, Los Angeles Magazine;

Also see, After 40 Desperate Years, 12 Slayings, And 45 Rapes, The Golden State Killer Still Eludes Capture, Katie Mettler, Washington Post; Also see, Unknown Suspect, FBI; Also see, Original Night Stalker, Wikipedia; Also see, The Five Most Popular Myths About The Golden State Killer Case, Michelle McNamara, Los Angeles Magazine, , and, Profile Of A Killer, Michelle McNamara, Los Angeles Magazine; Also see, Michelle McNamara’s Obsession With This Unsolved Crime Was Life Affirming, Mary Melton, Los Angeles Magazine,

Note: Michelle McNamara, in her early 40’s, passed away in her sleep in 2016 from unrecognized heart issues compounded by prescription drugs.

Health/Fitness: World’s Oldest Living Person Says Serving God Is The Secret, Breaking Christian News

Money: Fiduciary Ruling Delayed Until Mid-June, Wealth Management; Lessons On Financial Stewardship From The Parable of The Talents, Joel Bauman, Schiff Gold

Sports: 2017 NFL Draft Analysis And Grades, sports illustrated

Bottom Line: Falcons, Patriots, Rams, Raiders and Steelers all in lower tier of grades for their draft picks. Also see, ESPN breakdown of all team’s draft picks. Also, here. Atlanta Falcons’s analysis; Also here. Also see, Meet The Atlanta Falcons 2017 Draft Class, James Rael, falcoholic

ESPN Shows Georgia Tech To Be NFL’s Best Wide Receiver Factory, espn/ramblin wreck

Friday Updates: Kentucky Derby Picks And Odds, NY Times; Updated Derby Picks and Odds, Forbes; Note: CS’s two picks to win are: J Boys Echo and Irish War Cry

Music: No Hard Feelings, The Avett Brothers

Movies: Good News For Guardians Of The Galaxy Part Two, Hollywood Reporter; Original ‘Alien’ Returning To Theaters Just Ahead Of Alien: Covenant, Christian Holub,

TV: Is A Management Shake-Up Looming At Fox News? Gabriel Sherman, New York Magazine; Megyn Kelly’s Sunday Evening Show For NBC To Air In June, Michael M. Grynbaum, NY Times;

Also see, Bosch: One Of The Best Shows On TV Keeps It Real, Lisa Fung, Amazon; The Inside Story On Tomi Lahren, Peter Hasson, Daily Caller

Books: New Book: Hilary Ran The Worst Presidential Campaign Ever, John Podhoretz, NY Post; Also see, Hilary’s Presidential Bid Was Doomed From The Beginning: New Book Excerpt, NY Post

Quotes of the Month:

“To date, the US has supported the goal of Palestinian statehood, because it convinced itself that the Palestinians were interested in a state that would live at peace with Israel. The US pressured Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians in order to encourage them to accept Israel. And the US funded the PA thinking that doing so would advance the cause of peace…To date, the Palestinians, the PLO and the PA have not lived up to their side of the bargain – on anything.” – Caroline Glick, Breaking Israel News, The Agenda For The Trump-Abbas Meeting