4 Big Signs Of A Trump Economic Recovery, Fred Lucas, The Daily Signal

Roy Moore Gets Lowest White Evangelical Vote In Alabama In The 21st Century, Lyman Stone, The Federalist

‘Trust Us, We’re With The Government,’ Or, Time To Shut Down Mueller’s Russia Probe, Michael Graham, Boston Herald

Prominent Lawyer Sought Donor Cash For Trump Accusers, Solomon/Spann, The Hill

Republican Civil War Erupts Anew, Johnson/Eisenstadt, Politico

Double Crossing FBI Agent Sends Shock Waves Through D.C., Paul Sperry, New York Post


Editor’s Choice

 90% Of Media Stories Negative On Trump The Last 3 Months, Matt Vespa, Townhall

Read The Gospels To Discover The Jesus Nobody Talks About, Glenn T. Stanton, The Federalist

Special Counsel Mueller: Yes, Investigate The Investigators, National Review

California’s Infrastructure Is Crumbling (When Its Not Burning), Steven Greenhut, American Spectator

29 Books That Would Make The Perfect Christmas Gift, The Daily Signal

What The Founders Understood About Religious Freedom We Must Recover, Michael Berry, The Daily Signal


Updated List Of Laws Hilary Clinton Has Potentially Violated, Hannity/Giuliani, Fox News

150  Trump Accomplishments In 300 Days, WMD

In One Chart: Differences Between House And Senate Tax Bills, The Daily Signal; Also see, Don’t Believe The Democrat Attacks On Tax Reform – Here Are The Facts, Derek Kreifels, The Daily Signal


Israel and the world

Turkey’s Erdogan Speaks The Truth: There Is No Moderate Islam, Burak Bekdil, Gatestone Institute

Video Of Full Trump Speech: Jerusalem Is Israel’s Capital, You Tube

CS Commentary: If you Google ‘President Trump’s Jerusalem Speech’, or the like, you will find a full first page of entries about the President slurring his words in the speech. This is the President’s non-slurred speech – with one minor misstep at the end which could be caused by something as simple as dry mouth. You would never know this if you googled or searched “President Trump’s Speech” on most search engines or if you listen to the Mainstream Media, both of which present his speech with major bias and attack him on every turn. The simple truth is that journalism is dead and most media in the US are an arm of demonic slander. Let the buyer beware.

Trump’s Gift To Israel And America Took Extraordinary Political And Moral Courage, Caroline Glick

Quote: “By rejecting the State Department’s position on Jerusalem, and by noting that its position is rooted in a rejection of reality, Trump initiated a new course for US Middle East policy rooted in reality for the first time in three generations…Trump showed US allies and enemies alike that he is in charge…Trump’s move wasn’t merely strategically brilliant. It was also a political masterstroke.”


Short Videos

Top Ten Stories Of The Week Media Won’t Report: FBI Corruption, Media Bias, Trump Wants U.S. Back On Moon, and more, The Daily Signal

Nikki Haley Speaks Truth On Jerusalem To The UN, Facebook

Robert Shiller Speaks Wisdom On Bitcoin, Bloomberg/Real Clear Markets

Sebastian Gorka And Sara Carter On Bias And The FBI, Hannity, Fox News

Comey Clinton Cover-Up A Cesspool Of Corruption Unique In American History, Newt Gingrich/Hannity, Fox News

Clinton Corruption/FBI Corruption: It’s Time For Sessions To Do His Job, Newt Gingrich/Hannity, Fox News



Trey Gowdy Reacts To Rod Rosenstein Hearing And A Politicized FBI, Fox News Insider

Trey Gowdy And Jim Jordan Drill Christopher Wray, FBI Director, You Tube

The Future Of Bitcoin: Ronnie Moas on Bad Crypto


Common Sense Interpretation


What Roy Moore’s Alabama Senate Loss Means, Mike Huckabee, mikehuckabee.com

First Lady Popularity Rises, Mike Huckabee, mikehuckabee.com

Sobering Film On Nuclear Attack Shows Need For More Nuclear Defense Spending, Wilson/Dodge, The Daily Signal

What Trump’s Decision On Jerusalem Means For Israel And The Middle East, James Phillips, The Daily Signal


Why Christians Should Love Trump’s Tweets, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Politics

What If All The Conspiracy Theories Are A Conspiracy? Pizzagate, the Scalise Shooting, and Fake News: How To Know What To Believe, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Politics


More Common Sense

ProphecySee Common Sense Prophecy for multiple predictions – up to 11 years prior to events – that Trump would become U.S. President; Also see, Shake, Expose, Transfer – Neville Johnson’s 2014 prophecy about a shaking coming to America that will bring exposure and judgment in all arenas.

Culture: Why The Fuss Over Adolescent Relationships? Because Children Are Taking Longer To Grow Up, USA Today; How My Parent’s Divorce Ruined Our Holiday Family Life Forever, Anonymous, The Federalist

7 Reasons Its Time For You To Grow Up And Ditch Victoria Secret, Holly Scheer/Inez Feltscher, The Federalist; 9 Gorgeous Dresses For All Your Holiday Party Needs, Inez Feltscher, The Federalist

Money: Here’s Why Stocks Are Likely To Be Higher In December 2018, Mark Hulbert, Marketwatch; Why Bitcoin Has Value: The Operational Revolution Behind Cryptocurrencies, Lindsay Marie, Townhall

Cryptocurrencies: The Force Behind Bitcoin’s Meteoric Rise: Asian Investors, Russolillo/Jeong, WSJ; Also see, Top Five Cryptocurrencies By Market Cap, Nathan Reiff, Investopedia; Also see, Bitcoin Rally Takes Backstage As Altcoins Soar, Rakesh Sharma, Investopedia; Also see, Litecoin: Five Reasons For The Surge, Joe Liebkind, Investopedia; Also see, Is Litecoin The Future Of Cryptocurrency? Joe Liebkind, Investopedia; Also see, Bitcoin ETF’s Are Next In Line After Futures, Rakesh Sharma, Investopedia

The Contrary View On Bitcoin – Its In a ‘Bubble’, Bloomberg

CS Commentary: Once again, note that almost all of those accusing Bitcoin of being in a bubble, even the brilliant ones like this Bloomberg commentator and the Nobel Laureate he interviews, rarely if ever understand what constitutes a bubble. A Bubble is not merely a convective chart. It is an excessive rise in price that far surpasses fundamental value. A bubble also goes through five cycles. From these perspectives whether Bitcoin is a bubble is extremely hard to determine. CS is pro-Bitcoin and pro-Cryptocurrencies and does not currently believe that Bitcoin is a bubble.

Crypto Videos: Is Bitcoin In A Bubble? Canadian Broadcasting Network; Also see, The Debate On Bitcoin Rages, Fox Business; Also see, Bitcoin: Ronnie Moas On ‘Mornings With Maria’, Fox Business

Health/Fitness: How Cutting Sugar Reversed One Man’s Death Sentence From Cancer, Lorie Johnson, CBN

Sports: Grant Field Of Georgia Tech Named College Field Of The Year, ramblinwreck.com

The Best 4th Quarter Quarterbacks In The NFL, ticket city, Note: May be an older list, since its not reference-dated; Also see, NFL Game Winning Drives Since 1960, Pro Football Reference; Also see, Greatest NFL Quarterbacks Of All Time, Gil Brandt, NFL.com; Also see, Definitive Ranking of The Top 20 NFL QB’s Of All Time, USA Today

Music: A Look Back: Cat Steven’s Return As Yusuf, You Tube/CBS; Also see, Cat Stevens/Yusuf on Charlie Rose, You Tube

Movies: Hollywood’s Top 100 Films, Hollywood Reporter

CS Commentary: A little ridiculous at times, like sans Tootsie and Ben Hur, two of the best films of all time, and puts Casablanca after Pulp Fiction?!!! And a predictable #1 slot fill. But, still interesting for possible viewing pleasure. Note that Avatar is included, yet The Hurt Locker, which unfairly beat it out for Best Picture Oscar that year is reasonably not.

Star Wars ‘The Last Jedi’ Beats ‘Force Awakens’ Among Critics, By Anousha Sakoui, Bloomberg; Also see, ‘The Last Jedi’ Is a Good Movie Wrapped Around a Bad Movie, Ben Domenech, The Federalist

Spielberg’s ‘The Post’ Is Good And Its Not About Trump, Kyle Smith, National Review

TV: Hollywood’s Top 100 TV Shows Of All Time, Hollywood Reporter

CS Commentary: The emphasis on ‘Hollywood’ here, that is, it is a very liberal list and not exactly accurate in our opinion. Dexter at #37 and The Americans in the #90’s? They should both be in the top 20. But, still useful as a tool for some good viewing.

The 18 Most Anticipated New TV Shows of 2018, Lesley Goldberg, Hollywood Reporter; TV Premiere Dates 2018, Continually Updated: The Complete Guide, Hollywood Reporter; All The TV Shows Ending in 2018, Lesley Goldberg, Hollywood Reporter

Books: The Federalist’s Notable Books For 2017, The Federalist Staff

Quotes of the Month:

“Nothing brings out the lower traits of human nature like office-seeking. Men of good character and impulses are betrayed by it into all sorts of meanness.” — Millard Fillmore