If Mere Contact With Foreign Officials Is A Crime Obama Should’ve Been Locked Up in 2008, Bre Payton, The Federalist

Matt Lauer Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Multiple Women, Setoodeh/Wagmeister, Variety

I’m A Liberal And I Agree With Sean Hannity That Journalism Is Dead, Saritha Prabhu, The Federalist

Serial Killer, Cult Leader Charles Manson Dead At 83, Bartz/Gorman, Charisma/Reuters

I’m A Marine And I Tried To Help In Puerto Rico But The Bureaucracy Stopped Me, Patrick Weingart, The Federalist

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Has As Much Power As The President – It’s Time To Destroy It, David Harsanyi, The Federalist

Sex In America, Part 2, Ann Coulter, Townhall

Do We Need A Special, Special Counsel? Victor Davis Hanson, Townhall


Editor’s Choice

The Truth About Hillary: New Lies Exposed, Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Roy Moore Feeding Frenzy Displays A Society Murdering Due Process, The Federalist

CS Commentary: This article articulates what CS has been saying from the first of the Roy Moore harassment allegations – that America has lost sight of ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ The result of the propaganda fueled media frenzies of today is a mob that has more in common with the lynch mobs of the Old West than with anything resembling reasoned sanity. Anyone who participates in the ‘public hanging’ of media accused ‘criminals’ today is little different from those who lynched the accused in the West without a trail.

That said, there is a difference between the accusations leveled against Weinstein and Moore: Over 50 women came forward to accuse Weinstein, accounts that were corroborated by the common knowledge of his actions within a whole industry and police investigations that may still result in a criminal indictment. There is more than just smoke around Weinstein. Moore on the other hand, was not accused of anything in over 30 years of running for different political offices. The timing of his accusers is highly suspect, coming just before a critical Senate campaign and election. And the veracity of his accuser’s testimony has come under increased scrutiny and question. In this light, it is disappointing, to say the least, how many supposed ‘leaders’ have rushed to judge him and call for him to step down. The ‘Hang ‘Em High’ mentality of the media, deluded politicians, and the mob is not indicative of the due process of American justice.

I Agree With Steve Bannon: Trump Will Top 400 Electors In 2020, Steve Strang, Charisma

Sexual Harassment: Panic Is Not The Answer, Data On Harassment Is Down, Christina Hoff Sommers, NY Daily News

7 Tips From A Professor To Help You Hack Your College Visit, Colin Chan Redemer, The Federalist

Why Its Justified To Vote For A Morally Questionable Politician, D. C. McAllister, The Federalist; Also see, Why Alabamian’s Should Vote For Roy Moore, Tully Borland, The Federalist

Under Trump Your House May Be The Next To Be Shaken, Michael Brown, Townhall


Updated List Of Laws Hilary Clinton Has Potentially Violated, Hannity/Giuliani, Fox News

150  Trump Accomplishments In 300 Days, WMD

In One Chart: Differences Between House And Senate Tax Bills, The Daily Signal; Also see, Don’t Believe The Democrat Attacks On Tax Reform – Here Are The Facts, Derek Kreifels, The Daily Signal


Israel and the world

After The Siege Of Marawi Another Fight Plays Out, Ben West, Stratfor

The Middle East Quagmire Is Centered In Syria, Caroline Glick, carolineglick.com

Holding The PLO Accountable: Trump To Decide Whether A Terrorist Organization Should Have Representatives On US Soil, Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post


Comic Videos

Gal Gadot Goes On A First Date With OJ Simpson, SNL

Gal Gadot Monologue SNL


Short Videos

O’Reilly On Matt Lauer’s Firing: They Will Come After Trump Next, Bill O’Reilly, billoreilly.com

Mueller: Head Of A Justice Department Inside Cartel Out To Get Trump? A Justice Department Insider Speaks, Hannity, Fox News/You Tube

Tucker Carlson: Not Every Accuser Tells The Truth – I Should Know, Tucker Carlson, Fox News

The Truth About Hillary: New Lies Exposed, Tucker Carlson, Fox News

A Woman Speaks Truth To The African-American Community, Facebook

Are Democrats Attempting A 25th Amendment Coup Against Trump? Dick Morris, Dick morris.com



Dick Morris’s Wisdom On Sessions’ Testimony, Trump-North Korea, Congressional Sexual Harassment Hypocrisy, Bill Clinton’s Assault On Him, and More, Facebook

Steve Bannon Electrifies the California GOP, You Tube

CS Commentary: Every person should see/hear this speech. It will be the best investment of 45 minutes you spend this year…Must viewing.


Common Sense Interpretation


Behind The Scenes Of The Matt Lauer Episode, The Transom, Ben Domenech

How Much Did Consumer Protection Bureau Employees Give To Republican Party? Almost Nothing, The Transom, Ben Domenech

Everyone Knew Matt Lauer Was Coming, The Transom, Ben Domenech


Why Christians Should Love Trump’s Tweets, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Politics

What If All The Conspiracy Theories Are A Conspiracy? Pizzagate, the Scalise Shooting, and Fake News: How To Know What To Believe, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Politics


More Common Sense

ProphecySee Common Sense Prophecy for multiple predictions – up to 11 years prior to events – that Trump would become U.S. President; Also see, Shake, Expose, Transfer – Neville Johnson’s 2014 prophecy about a shaking coming to America that will bring exposure and judgment in all arenas.

Culture: 7 Things To Know About Prince Harry’s Royal Engagement To The ‘Suits’ Actress, Mary Katherine Ham, The Federalist; More Than 180 Women Have Reported Sexual Assaults At Massage Envy, Katie J.M. Baker, BuzzFeed; Children Are Dying At Alarming Rates In Foster Care – And Nobody Is Investigating, Grim/Chavez, The Intercept

Money: More Wells Fargo Employees Allege Retaliation For Whistleblowing, Matt Egan, CNN; What Do Current Real Estate Market Conditions Mean For You? Dave Knight Real Estate Team

Look To The Sky For The Next Possible Downturn, Philip J. Anderson, Optima

Quote: “The US should hit its cyclical property low at some point in 2010. The best indicator that we are approaching that point will be the stock-market (see 23:00 on the 24-hour real-estate clock image). Over past property cycles, US stock-markets have always made what might be called a generational low – another reason why it is so useful to view history in 18-year segments. Stock market lows at the end of a property cycle are lows that are long remembered in markets. Attitudes change for a few years when they happen. For some investors, they become life-defining moments…” Also see, Look To The Sky, Reading Insert; Also see, The Biggest Boom Is Ahead Of You, Phillip Anderson; Also see, What Is The Time? SurfCity Cycles

Cryptocurrencies: The 11 Biggest Names In Cryptocurrencies Right Now, Daniel Roberts, Yahoo Finance; Also see, Hackers Have Stolen Millions Of Dollars In Bitcoin’s – Using Only Phone Numbers, Laura Shin, Forbes; Also see, New Highs For Bitcoin In Sights For 2018, Darryn Pollack, Coin Telegraph; Also see, 3 Major Bitcoin Platforms In The Philippines, Joseph Young, Coin Telegraph

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TV: Late Night TV: A Sharp Decline For Fallon’s ‘The Tonight Show’, John Koblin, NY Times; Godless Is A Classic Western For The New Millennium, Glenn Garvin, Reason

Books: God And Donald Trump, Steve Strang/Hamilton Strategies

Quotes of the Month:

“We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” – Elie Wiesel