Ten Differences Between Conservatives and Liberals, John Hawkins, Townhall

The Secret Service Is Not Secret or A Service With This Anti-Trump Agent, Bre Payton, The Federalist

Media More Interested In Hating Trump Than Reporting News, Michael Goodwin, NY Post

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Editor’s Choice

Dennis Prager Gets It: America Is Fighting Its Second Civil War, Dennis Prager, Townhall

Netanyahu’s Shameless Opponents: How The Prime Minister Is Waging the Same Media War in Israel As President Trump in the US, Caroline Glick, Breaking Israel News/Jerusalem Post

What Is Looming In Israel, Jim Fletcher, Breaking Israel News

Tell America The Truth: We Should Be At War With Saudi Arabia, Raymond Ibrihim, Raymond Ibrahim.com

Quote: “…the Saudi regime is a monster. As in ISIS held territories, women in SA are little better than chattel; blasphemers, apostates, and homosexuals are persecuted and sometimes executed; all non-Sunnis—from Hindus to Shia—are subhuman infidels to be treated accordingly; house churches are closed, Bibles and crucifixes confiscated and destroyed, and Christians caught worshipping in private thrown in jail and tortured. SA is arguably even more backward than ISIS…”

The Pro-Illegal Immigration Movement, Bill O’Reilly, The O’Reilly Factor

What Andrew Jackson Said About ‘Draining The Swamp’, Jarrett Stepman, The Daily Signal

Donald Trump On The Job: There is a Concerted Effort To Remove Him From Office, Bill O’Reilly, The O’Reilly Factor

Trump’s 100 Day Contract To Make America Great Again

Full Transcript: Trump Inaugural Address

President and VP Swear In White House Staff, Facebook


Comic Videos

The ‘Wisdom’ and Predictive Power of US Celebrity: They Rarely Get It Right, Facebook

Saturday Night Live: 15 Best Skits of 2016, Nick Romano, ew.com

Sometimes Animals Are Jerks, Facebook/Science of Stephanie


Short Videos

Creator of Harry Potter: The Priceless Value of Failure, J.K. Rawlings, Global Informer/Facebook

Holy Cow! Secret Service Train For Advanced Rear Escapes, Facebook

Deranged Left Shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’, Info Wars/Facebook

Watter’s World, Women’s March Edition, The O’Reilly Factor

The Best Summary of Obama’s ‘Scandal-Free’ Administration, Liz Wheeler, Tipping Point/Facebook


Common Sense Interpretation


We Are Now Only In The Middle of The Clinton Email Scandal, Judicial Watch

Trump Argument on Voting Fraud Bolstered, Rowan Scarborough, Washington Times

Trump Strikes Fear in Democratic Leaders/Trump and the Polls, Mike Huckabee

Sanctuary Cities Update, Mike Huckabee

Mary Tyler Moore: A Tribute, Mike Huckabee

Trump Nominees Face Unprecedented Obstructionism, Rob Bluey, Daily Signal

Obama’s Legacy: Which Incident Is The Worst? Mike Huckabee


Liberty’s Best Chance, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense


More Common Sense

ProphecySee Common Sense Prophecy for multiple predictions – up to 11 years prior to events – that Trump would become U.S. President; Trump’s Honor And Care For Israel Will Distance America From Many Tragedies And Lead Her To Prosperity, Johnny Enlow/Bob Eschliman, Charisma

Culture: Couples Who Stay Married Think Differently From Those Who Choose Divorce, Suzanne Venker, The Federalist; Women’s Top 3 Unrealistic Expectations For Men And Marriage, Suzanne Venker, The Federalist; Embracing the Gift Of Your Wife’s Sexual Personality, Doug Weiss, Charisma

Sports: Inside the Numbers: What Makes Falcon’s Offense The Best, Roberts/Smith, ESPN; Patriots Still Super Bowl Favorites at +3 Points: Updated Spread, Odds, Etc., Bleacher Report; SB Nation Experts Give Falcons The Edge, Christian D’Andrea, sbnation

Biggest Future Super Bowl Windows? Falcons, Cowboys, Raiders Top List, Gil Brandt, nfl.com; Five Part Plan For Patriots to Prevail, Bucky Brooks, NFL.com; Five Part Plan For Falcons To Win It All, Bucky Brooks, NFL.com

The Patriot’s Way: How Belichick Wins While Paying Less, Robert Klemko, mmqb.si; How Falcon’s Defense Could – or Could Not – Stop Brady, Andy Benoit, mmqb.siBrady And Ryan Both Schooled By Former Baseball Pitchers/How Falcon’s Ryan and Coach Quinn Emerged, Albert Breer, mmqb.si; Three Things To Know About the Patriot’s-Falcon’s Match-Up, USA Today

Falcons Were Trained By Navy Seals to Believe in ‘Brotherhood’, Thomas George, SbNation; Also see, When Falcons Train With Navy Seals, Kalyn Kahler, mmqb.si; Navy Seals Helped Turn Falcons Into Resilient Winners, Jarrett Bell, USA Today; Falcons Train With Navy Seals, YouTube

Also see, Everyone Was Wrong About The Falcons: Remind You of Anyone?, Brad Gagnon, Bleacher Report; Falcon’s Matt Ryan Stays Under The Radar – But Is Super Bowl Bound, Bill Pennington, NY Times

Also see, The Best Super Bowl Comparison of Teams, ESPN; Also see, Texas Tussle: Falcons and Patriots Square Off In Super Bowl 51; Also see, Where Do 2016 Patriot’s Rank Among Best Patriot Teams? The Washington Post, Neil Greenberg

Money: Health Care Will Cost You $260,000 In Retirement, Katie Lobosco, CNN Money; Will Stocks Sell Off After Trump Takes Office? What History Shows, William Watts, Marketwatch; A Contrarian View on Future Inflation: Like The First Years of Reagan, Not Expected, Scott Minerd, Guggenheim

Music: Meet Ric Blair and The Celts, featured on PBS, The Grand Ole Opry, and appearing soon in a city near you.

Movies: The Founder: Fiction vs. Fact, historyvshollywood; ‘Silence’ Review, Sonny Bunch, Free Beacon (Note: CS does not necessarily agree with this review, but it is one perspective); Patriot’s Day is A Gift To The American Spirit, Michelle Jerzy, The Federalist

TV: Mike Connors, Who Played ‘Mannix’, Dead At 91, Mike Barnes, The Hollywood Reporter; Mary Tyler Moore: The Greatest Woman TV Star Ever, John Podhoretz, NY Post; Miguel Ferrer of NCIS Dead at 61, Erik Pedersen, Deadline.com; ‘Bloodline’ On Netflix Exposes The Tortures of Family Secrets, Seaborn Hall, The Federalist

Books: Killing the Rising Sun, Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard

Common Sense Commentary: A must read for every American. Will change your view on World War II and Hiroshima. WW II Japan was the ISIS of its era.

Quotes of the Month:

“There are many things that seem impossible only so long as one does not attempt them.” — André Gide

“Valor grows by daring, fear by holding back.” — Publilius Syrus