Hillary’s Comeback Plan, Ed Klein, Townhall

Common Sense Commentary: No, ‘Denial’ is not just a river in Egypt.

Trump Will Be Tested By Terrorists Or Tyrants Sooner Rather Than Later, David Curtis, The Federalist

The Left Has Become ‘Nazi-Like’ – But Peace Is Forged From Opposite Views, Dr, Michael Laitman, Breaking Israel News

Common Sense Commentary: Is the view expressed herein a precursor to the acceptance of the False-Messiah, fake unity, and the beginning of the real End Times?

Senator Schumer’s Plan To Keep Obama People in Power, Newt Gingrich, Fox News

Against Protests, Republicans Must Stand Strong, Governor Scott Walker, NY Times

Why Trump Might Suspect Obama Bugged Trump Tower, NY Post

Common Sense Commentary: See more under Short Videos below for a compelling case for Trump’s charges.

Pelosi Presides Over Political Disaster, WSJ/Corvette Forum


Editor’s Choice

The Obama Admin Declared War on Trump – Trump Just Responded, P.H. Guthrie, The Federalist

Top Ten Reasons I Am No Longer A Liberal, Robert Gehl/Dr. Danusha V. Goska, American Thinker

Common Sense Commentary: A nice first person explanation – by a former liberal – of why all liberals reside in the ‘Emperor with no clothes’ category.

Obama Camp’s Disingenuous Denials About Wiretapping Trump: The Evidence Is Clear, Andrew McCarthy, National Review

Common Sense Commentary: The best short explanation of why Trump’s Obama tweet is right-on and Obama and all Democrats should be running for the hills about now.

Surveys Show Terrorism Not The Only Reason To Be Skeptical of Muslim Immigration, Nick Saffron, The Federalist

Robots Are Replacing Workers: Greenville South Carolina Shows America How To Profit From The Wave Of The Future, Nanette Byrnes, MIT Technology Review

A Developing Nude Photo Scandal May Shake The Marine Corps To Its Core, Schogol/deGrandpre, MarineCorps Times

Witches Unite To Cast Spell On Trump, Breitbart/Facebook; Also see, Mystic Rabbi Predicts Black Magic Against Trump, Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, Breaking Israel News

Trump’s 100 Day Contract To Make America Great Again


Comic Videos

Lip Sync, Viral Thread, Facebook

What’s The Fuss About Russ? There’s Something About This Dog, Facebook

Conan: Sebastian Maniscalco, Stand-Up; Also see, Stephen Colbert, Sebastian Maniscalco

The Cat Who Thinks She’s A Dog, Facebook


Short Videos

US Has Not Seen Worst of Riots – Obama’s Shadow Government In Action, Lou Dobbs, Fox News

Newt Gingrich On Plausibility of Trump’s Wiretapping Charges Against Obama, Sunday Morning Futures, Fox News

Mark Levin Provides Devastating Case For Obama Administration WireTapping and Spying, Fox and Friends, Fox News

Common Sense Commentary: Above is the 5 minute short version; this is the full 12 minute clip 

Ben Carson on Transgenders, Katie Couric

Liberal School Indoctrination Challenged By New Yorker, Fox News/Facebook

Andrea Bocelli and Katherine McPhee – The Prayer, Facebook



Full Measure, with Sharyl Attkisson: Behind The High Cost of College and Student ‘Sugar Daddies,’ US Soldiers in Syria, Battle of the Budget, February 12, 2017

Full Measure, with Sharyl Attkisson: VA Fraud, Saudi Reset, DeNiro and Vaccine Reform, February 19, 2017

Common Sense Commentary: Atkinson is regarded by many in her field as one of the best investigative journalists in the world.


Common Sense Interpretation


This Is What You Get For Shutting Off Your Phone This Weekend: Trump Tweets ‘Obama Spied On Me’, The Daily Shot, Ricochet

With The Election of Donald Trump Anything Is Possible, Michael Brown, Townhall

Well, At Least This Budget Is Different, The Daily Shot, Ricochet

Jeff Sessions, The Russians, And Real Media Insanity, The Transom, Ben Domenech; Also see, So Much For The Good Vibes From That Speech, The Daily Shot, Ricochet; Also see, Brouhaha Over Jeff Sessions: Idiocy Approaching Insanity, Mike Huckabee

Democrats Are Having A Religion Problem, Mike Huckabee

China Conducts Aircraft Carrier Drills, Stratfor

Common Sense Commentary: The US has approximately 12 Aircraft Carriers. Stratfor has previously reported that it will be at least the 2020’s before China can reach anything resembling parity with the US Navy. Even though China may soon have 2 aircraft carriers, the monetary and construction investment and the training aspect for conducting sea operations from carriers will require at least another decade before the Chinese even approach a similar naval military level as the US.

Democratic Hypocrisy Again/Three Equal Branches of Government, Mike Huckabee

Homeschool Horror Story, Mike Huckabee


Understanding The Fight To Confirm The Next Supreme Court Justice, Bob Eschliman, Charisma

2017 Annual Forecast, Stratfor

The Trump Way: How His Strategy Neutralizes Russia, Iran, and the PLO – and Helps Israel, Caroline Glick, Breaking Israel News; Also see, The Moral Supremacy of Marco Rubio and Others relative to Putin, Pat Buchanan, Townhall

Liberty’s Best Chance, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense

More Common Sense

ProphecySee Common Sense Prophecy for multiple predictions – up to 11 years prior to events – that Trump would become U.S. President; Bill Gates Warns Of End-Of-Days Bio-Terrorism Plague, Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, Breaking Israel News

Culture: Beware: Olive Oil May Not Really Be Olive Oil! CBS/60 Minutes; Also see, Olive Oil Fraud: A Guide To Purchasing Olive Oil, John P. Thomas, health impact news; Also see, How to Buy Olive Oil; Also see, Frequently Asked Questions About Olive Oil; Also see, Tom’s Supermarket Picks: Quality Olive Oils At Good Prices, Truth In Olive Oil, ; Also see, Olive Oil Buying Check-List

Farm To Table – Or Just Grow It Yourself, Brad Jackson, The Federalist

Money: Business Manager Embezzles $5 Million From Alanis Morrisette, Joseph Serna, LA Times; Also, see here for more information; Dow 30,000 In Trump’s First Term? Nigam Arora, Marketwatch; Fashion Success ‘Nasty Girl’ Was Big, Then Bankrupt – What Went Wrong? Shan Li, LA Times

Sports: Tim Tebow Baseball Journey Hits Met’s Spring Training, espn; The Arrogant Thinking Of Liberal Sports Writers, Michael Brendan Dougherty, The Week

Music: Joy Villas Billboard Top 12 Album: A Victory For Conservatives, David Gasten, American Conservative; Journey Songwriter Of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ – and Husband of Paula White – Now Believes, Amber C. Strong, CBN/Charisma

Movies: Tribute to Bill Paxton, Mike Huckabee; ‘Love Actually’ Short Sequel To Air This Spring, Mashable; We Heartily Recommend…Logan, The Daily Shot, Ricochet

TV: ‘Bloodline’ On Netflix Exposes The Tortures of Family Secrets, Seaborn Hall, The Federalist, Note: Season 3 of Bloodline is set to return on Netflix sometime in 2017, though a release date has not been announced.

Books: The Greatest Books Of All Time – As Decided By Famous Authors, Maria Popova, brainpickings; Killing the Rising Sun, Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, Common Sense Commentary: A must read for every American. Will change your view on World War II and Hiroshima. WW II Japan was the ISIS of its era.

Quotes of the Month:

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it to anyone else.” — Charles Dickens

“Our lack of confidence is not the result of difficulty. The difficulty comes from our lack of confidence.” — Seneca the Younger

“If Trump walked on water, the media would headline: ‘Trump Cannot Swim!'” – Iain Cameron, Perth, Australia