In Charts: How 7 Taxpayer’s Bills Change Under Tax Reform, Rachel Greszler, The Daily Signal; Also see, One Chart: Differences Between House And Senate Tax Reform Bills, Adam Michel, The Daily Signal

Here’s Why Roy Moore May Still Win, Scott Rasmussen, Townhall

You Are Being Played On Roy Moore, Thomas Ertl, Charisma

CS Commentary: CS does not know whether Moore is innocent or guilty, only that many Christians, as well as influential leaders, are being drawn into the erroneous position of condemning Moore based on the ambiguous testimony of media accusers. This article raises a few of the issues relative to accusers’ testimony and the error of condemning someone before they have been found guilty in a court of law by a jury of their peers. Also see, New Court Docs Blow Massive Hole In Moore Accusers Testimony, Conservative Tribune

Mom Of Ex-Football Player Jailed In China To LaVar Ball: Grow Up! Newsmax; Also see, President Trump Slams Ball As ‘Poor Man’s Don King,’ Conservative Tribune

Newsmax’s 100 Most Influential Evangelicals In America, Newsmax

The History Of Sex In America, Part 1: Feminists Defend The Predator, Ann Coulter, Townhall

Homicides Hit Record Pace In Mexico, Wanda Curruthers, Newsmax


Editor’s Choice

6 Key Elements To Understanding The Tangled Uranium One Scandal, Fred Lucas, The Daily Signal

A Wonderful Life: What Would The World Have Been Like Without The United States Of America? Bill O’Reilly Staff,

Why Aren’t NFL Players Kneeling Over This Pennsylvania Cop Shooting? Britt McHenry, The Federalist

Research Proves It: Marriage Is Better For You And For Society In Every Way, Glenn T. Stanton, The Federalist

Inept US Bureaucracy Perpetuates Poor Border Security, Michelle Malkin, The Daily Signal

Why We Shouldn’t Convict Roy Moore In The Court Of Public Opinion, Jenna Ellis, The Federalist

CS Commentary: Regardless of Roy Moore’s innocence or guilt, the central issue in this controversy is all but being ignored by every major media outlet. Given that some of the accusations ‘seem’ credible and the women coming forward should be respected – until its proven otherwise – the central tenet of the American justice system is ‘Innocent until proven guilty.’ Guilt should be weighed in a courtroom, under professional scrutiny and cross examination, and then be determined by a jury of peers. In the 21st Century it has become more and more common to convict based on media driven accusations. This is a fundamental change in the American judicial process and should not be ignored – or condoned. Regardless of the seeming believability of accusers every person deserves their day in court. Reputations should not be ruined – nor careers derailed – until guilt has been judicially determined. The problems with this simple, sane perspective are many in a day when well deserved justice is so easily ignored among the elite and by compromised justices. We live in a day like the Book of Judges where ‘Everyone does what’s right in his own eyes.’ Still, the simple precept of ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ remains and should be equally applied to everyone.


Updated List Of Laws Hilary Clinton Has Potentially Violated, Hannity/Giuliani, Fox News

A Quick Summary Of Las Vegas Shooting Facts As Now Known, Updated 11/25, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Politics; Also see, CS Evaluation, below.

150  Trump Accomplishments In 300 Days, WMD


Israel and the world

The Middle East Quagmire Is Centered In Syria, Caroline Glick,

Holding The PLO Accountable: Trump To Decide Whether A Terrorist Organization Should Have Representatives On US Soil, Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post

Former Obama Officials Still In State Department Wake Up! Iran Is Not Appeasable! Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post

The Reefs And Cracks Under The Saudi Arabia Purge And Takeover, Mohammed Ayoob, National Interest


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Gal Gadot Goes On A First Date With OJ Simpson, SNL

Gal Gadot Monologue SNL


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Clintons: Day Of Reckoning, Hannity, Fox News

Former FBI Asst Director: Clintons Are A Criminal Operation, Fox Business

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Uranium One: Fox Misreports What May Be Bribery, Extortion, And Even Treason, Dick Morris

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The Changing Ideology Of The Democratic Party, Part II, Dick Morris,

Growing Support For State Constitutional Convention: Exposing Republican’s Fake Tax Reform and Proposing Term Limits, The Daily Ledger, OAN

A Positive Word Of Encouragement Can Change Someone’s Life, Facebook



Dick Morris’s Wisdom On Sessions’ Testimony, Trump-North Korea, Congressional Sexual Harassment Hypocrisy, Bill Clinton’s Assault On Him, and More, Facebook

Steve Bannon Electrifies the California GOP, You Tube

CS Commentary: Every person should see/hear this speech. It will be the best investment of 45 minutes you spend this year…Must viewing.


Common Sense Interpretation

CS Evaluation

Was The Las Vegas Shooting A Conspiracy? Michael Snyder says “Yes,”

CS Evaluation: “Probably not. More information is needed.”

For a summary of the facts, updated daily, see here.

For pertinent articles see…Las Vegas Conspiracy Theories Now Include The Illuminati And Antifa, Maria, Perez, Newsweek; Also see,  Vegas Shooting: Revised Timeline and Motive, CNN; Also see, Motive? An Expert’s Analysis, People; Also see, We Don’t Know And It Drives Us Crazy – Why? Los Angeles Times


Pray For The Victims Of The Sinai Terror Attack, Mike Huckabee,

Mugabe Out, Mike Huckabee,

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Uranium One Informant Revealed, Mike Huckabee,

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Why Christians Should Love Trump’s Tweets, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Politics

What If All The Conspiracy Theories Are A Conspiracy? Pizzagate, the Scalise Shooting, and Fake News: How To Know What To Believe, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Politics


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