Everything Known About NY Terrorist Attack So Far, Updated Daily, Bre Payton, The Federalist

10 Times CNN Told Us An Apple Was A Banana, David Harsanyi, The Federalist

Never Trump Twitter Mob Attacks Trump Spiritual Advisor, Todd Starnes, Townhall

Bush & McCain Show Their True Colors – As Globalists, David Martosko, The Daily Mail

Harvard Cell Biologist: It’s Time To Replace Darwin’s Flawed Research, CBN

The Tragedy Of Congress’s Jeff Flake, The Atlantic

CS Commentary: Jeff Flake now follows the same path as Mitt Romney. Out of touch with reality and culture in an almost astounding way, they believe that ‘civility’ and lack of nice manners are what’s wrong with America. Best that men and women like them get off the national stage and allow others to lead.

Trump To Replace IRS Head John Koskinen, Leah Barkoukis, Townhall

7 New Findings From The Newly Released JFK Files, Lima/Lacy, Politico


Editor’s Choice

Steve Bannon Electrifies the California GOP, You Tube

CS Commentary: Every person should see/hear this speech. It will be the best investment of 45 minutes you spend this year. Not only should every American who cares about the nation listen, but every believer in the church could learn something about how – and how long it takes – for hopes (and prophetic words) to become concrete: Unity among differences, warfare, its going to take time, hard work, its our responsibility (to believe God and act, if you will) in the end not something that will fall into our laps…. Must viewing. Guaranteed to be the best invested 45 minutes you spend this year.

One Year Later Coastal Elites Still Don’t Understand Why America Turned To Trump, John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist

Bergdahl: The End Of A Shameful Saga, O’Reilly Staff, billoreilly.com

Is It Treason? Uranium One Proves Hilary Is At Least A Chronic Liar, Hannity, Fox News

Here Are The 10 Most Important Facts About The Russian Dossier, Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist

Quote: “Yet here we have the realization that the Clinton campaign, the DNC, and the FBI all worked wittingly or unwittingly with Russians to affect the results of the 2016 election.” Also see, Obama’s Campaign Paid $972,000 To Law Firm That Paid Fusion GPS, The Federalist

James Mattis At North Korea’s Doorstep: Here’s His Message, Ryan Pickrell, The Daily Signal

Fact Check: Do Drug Overdoses Kill More Americans Than Motor Vehicle Accidents And Gun Homicides Combined? Kush Desai, The Daily Signal

Updated List Of Laws Hilary Clinton Has Potentially Violated, Hannity/Giuliani, Fox News

A Quick Summary Of Las Vegas Shooting Facts As Now Known, Updated 10/29, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Politics; Also see, CS Evaluation, below.


Israel and the world

A Non-Intervene Perspective on The Middle East, Pat Buchanan, Townhall

North Korean Defector Describes ‘Life Of Hell’ For Christians, Perry Chiaramonte, Fox News

Trump’s Iran Decertification Speech Breaks New Ground – Will Congress Take The Opportunity Or Waste It? Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post

‘Our Lives Have Turned Into Hell,’: Muslim Persecution Of Christians, May 2017, Raymond Ibrahim, raymondibrahim.com


Short Videos

Inside The Infiltration Of Terrorists By An FBI Agent, Tucker Carlson, Fox News

List Of Laws Potentially Broken In Uranium One Deal, Hannity, Fox News

Hannity Produced ‘Let There Be Light’ Cast Speaks, Hannity, Fox News

Trump: Russian Dossier Is A ‘Disgrace,’ Lou Dobbs, Fox News

Trump On Fake News, Lou Dobbs, Fox News



Top Ten Stories Of The Week Not Reported By Major Media, The Daily Signal

Steve Bannon Electrifies the California GOP, You Tube


Common Sense Interpretation

CS Evaluation

Was The Las Vegas Shooting A Conspiracy? Michael Snyder says “Yes,”

CS Evaluation: “Probably not. More information is needed.”

For a summary of the facts, updated daily, see here.

For pertinent articles see…Las Vegas Conspiracy Theories Now Include The Illuminati And Antifa, Maria, Perez, Newsweek; Also see,  Vegas Shooting: Revised Timeline and Motive, CNN; Also see, Motive? An Expert’s Analysis, People; Also see, We Don’t Know And It Drives Us Crazy – Why? Los Angeles Times


Why The NFL’s Real Problem Is Its Quarterbacks, Ben Domenech, The Federalist

What Jeff Flake’s Exit Means For The Republican Party, The Transom, Ben Domenech

Russian Dossier Scandal Exposes Clintons As Corrupt And FBI As Partisan, The Transom, Ben Domenech

The IRS Actually Apologizes For Something, Mike Huckabee, mikehuckabee.com

Live Action Exposes What Abortion Is Like, Mike Huckabee, mikehuckabee.com


Why Christians Should Love Trump’s Tweets, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Politics

What If All The Conspiracy Theories Are A Conspiracy? Pizzagate, the Scalise Shooting, and Fake News: How To Know What To Believe, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Politics

The Facts About Who Pays The Most Taxes In America, Walter E. Williams, The Daily Signal

Which Party Is The Party Of The One Percent? Michael Barone, Capital Research; Also see, The Real Party Of The Rich: Democrats, Kyle Becker, Independent Journal Review; On the other hand, America’s 50 Richest Families Are Mostly Republican, Forbes


More Common Sense

ProphecySee Common Sense Prophecy for multiple predictions – up to 11 years prior to events – that Trump would become U.S. President; Did Kim Clement See Betrayal In The Trump White House In March 2010? Kim Clement, You Tube; Also see, Kim Clement 2005 In Nashville: First Prophecy About President Trump?, You Tube

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Dave Roberts Is The Dodgers ‘Magic Man,’ Zach Kram, The Ringer

Music: Ethiopian Israeli Shocks Israel X-Factor Judges, Twitter; Song of The Season: I don’t like Monday’s, The Boomtown Rats

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Also see, Another Complaint Against O’Reilly?; Also see, Statement On Bill O’Reilly’s Behalf/Lis Whiel’s Sworn Affadavit; Also see, Bill O’Reilly Addresses Recent New York Times Hit Piece On Him, billoreilly.com

Also see, Bill O’Reilly In Talks With Sinclair Broadcasting, Owner Of Fox Affiliates, Deadline

Books: The Big Lie: D’Sousza Explains The Left, Cortney O’Brien, Townhall

Quotes of the Month:

“Yes the truth is that men’s ambition and their desire to make money are among the most frequent causes of deliberate acts of injustice.”Aristotle, Politics

“There is but one coward on earth, and that is the coward that dare not know.” — W.E.B. Du Bois