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The following are notes to the article linked to this page, additional research, and correspondence with another party by email and my responses to the emails and links offered.

It was a site called Patrot Crier that recently argued that the recent Congressional shooting of Congressman Scalise was motivated by a desire to cover-up the investigation into Hilary’s Pizzagate child sex-abuse ring. The dubious claims this article makes raise questions as to the veracity of the article and the validity of the website itself. Nothing about the site can be found on it and a simple website of some of the names of authors turns up little information, always a danger sign.

PundiFact at Politifact classifies Patriot Crier as fake news. Poltifact is a fact checking organization owned by the Tampa Bay Times, a paper that has done the premier investigative work on Scientology. According to Media Bias, the Tampa Bay Times has a left center bias. But according to a Zero Hedge article on fact checkers, both fact checkers, Politifact and Media Bias, are suspect. Lets’s just agree that an investigator has to account for bias in all of his or her sources.


Below are just a few of the dubious statements/quotes the author of makes and a few of the questions they raise (I put my responses in italics):


“The president was reacting to information that had been provided to him by NYPD detectives, and confirmed by disgusted F.B.I. agents, who had become physically ill after viewing the contents of the laptop shared by Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s.”

How do they know this? Apparently, from an “anonymous” FBI source they don’t elaborate on. And just one source. Not exactly by the investigative journalist playbook.

“On June 30th 2016, well before the NYPD had seized that laptop, we believed there was enough evidence to suggest that Abedin was a Saudi spy.”

Based on what evidence and what sources? They don’t share any – or any of their sources – we’re just supposed to buy the statement. Sorry -without evidence and confirmed multiple sources, I don’t.

“It was clear that Abedin had engaged in a homosexual seduction of her target, Hillary Clinton whose penchant for young girls had become widely known by the international intelligence community.”

It would not surprise me that Abedin and Hilary had a homosexual relationship. But, the whole “penchant for young girls” thing has been debunked, at least for the time being. The whole pizza ring thing – no evidence whatsoever, just conspiracy rantings at this point. And there is no evidence that Huma and Hilary are having a homosexual affair. None of the dots have been connected for any of these allegations.

Conspiracy theories grow as these fake news websites make baseless allegations supported by anonymous inside sources. They are then picked up by zealous believers who don’t think through the evidence or sources and spread them via email and social media until they go viral. But there is a reason that these theories don’t appear in the major media or on major media websites – and it is not because of some global elite conspiracy. It is primarily because trained journalists and the attorneys who represent the major media both know that there is a standard of proof that must be reached before rumor becomes evidence.

The dots are not connected. Why isn’t Fox reporting any of it? You think Hannity wouldn’t be screaming at the top of his lungs were any of this really provable? But, its not, which is why he is not. It is all hearsay  and inference – and what is the difference between hearsay, and gossip? There is no evidence whatsoever – and whoever engages in these types of innuendos is trafficking in gossip.

“If you think this [Scalise’s attempted assassination] was the act of a crazed assassin acting independently then consider the role that NAMBLA – the North American Man-Boy-Love Association – is playing in the violent Antifa movement that was exposed by the good people at the Daily Caller in an article entitled “Documents Tie Berkeley Riot Organizers To Pro-Pedophilia Group, NAMBLA.”

…and where is the proof that this assassin was working for anyone? Just because Scalise made a general announcement about a move against human trafficking? Now if you could prove to me that the list the assassin had [he had a list of five – six Congressmen, not including Scalise, btw] was a list of the top Congressmen involved in a bill against human trafficking, then maybe you can infer a conspiracy…but no proof relative to that or any other leads has been offered….

The supposed words of the FBI agent who saw Weiner’s laptop:

“There is enough for her and the entire government to be brought down.  People do not realize how enormous this whole situation actually is.”

OK, so why is this blog the only source reporting this? Who is the source? Why hasn’t the source been confirmed by another source? Why is this reporting being done without a confirming source?

“This columnist spent 24 hours scanning the Internet for mainstream media reports of pedophilia at the highest levels of government and has uncovered enough reporting to demand dozens of investigations.”

Yep. Bet he went on dozens of sites just like his that offer nothing but conjecture, innuendo, inference, and more gossip. Hardly convincing or high level investigative reporting.

Other Notes:

Link is interesting, but anything but convincing. He says the links support his allegations, but they don’t. A lot of circumstantial evidence strung together, but again, none of the dots really connect. Any fair jury would throw the info out in seconds, but it wouldn’t get that far.

? On reddit link above:

This is a gigantic leap to conclusions from the photos. An empty freezer, a girl taped to a ping pong table, a sweatshirt slogan? Could be anything, until you put it together with some crazy theory.

Let me be clear:

I’m not saying there isn’t some pedophile thing somewhere – but, I am saying none of this is proof for this specific set of people. People can’t go around slandering someone based on flimsy information like this – if they do, they are just doing the same thing the progressives do with Trump.

True Pundit?

Don’t you get suspicious about website reporting when you can’t find a single thing on the website about who they are, methodology, or anything else?

This site is interesting –

it puts True Pundit in the pseudo-science/conspiracy category, a classification I would agree with…Though its Least Biased category is a complete joke, and it classifies Fox News as Right-biased, so not sure its worth much in the long run…

Agree with your last statement: Please read this whole link:

“Pizzagate is a debunked conspiracy theory that emerged during the 2016 United States presidential election cycle. The theory, which went viral, claimed that John Podesta‘s emails, which were leaked by WikiLeaks, contained coded messages referring to human trafficking and connecting a number of restaurants in the United States and members of the Democratic Party with a fabricated child-sex ring. The false theory has been extensively discredited by a wide array of organizations, including the District of Columbia Police Department.”

“… that supposedly revealed the existence of a sex trafficking operation. For example, The New York Times reported that the phrase “cheese pizza” was thought by a poster to 4chan to be a code word for child pornography since they had the same initials. The allegations spread to “the mainstream internet” following a post on the website Reddit several days before the 2016 US presidential election…”

“Some of Pizzagate’s proponents, including David Seaman and Michael Flynn Jr., have evolved the conspiracy into a broader government conspiracy called “Pedogate”. According to this theory, a “satanic cabal of elites” of the New World Orderoperate international child sex trafficking rings.”…

“Many of the images shown were friends and family who had liked Comet Ping Pong’s page on Facebook. In some cases, imagery was taken from unrelated websites and claimed to be Alefantis’ own.”


See this link:

According to Wikipedia, on fake news websites, “Fake news websites deliberately publish hoaxes and disinformation to drive web traffic inflamed by social media. These sites are distinguished from news satire (which is humorous) as they mislead and profit from readers’ gullibility.”


Hope you don’t believe the link you sent me below…

for one thing, the website, again like so many you traffic, does not identify itself, its purpose, its authors, or parameters. There is some discussion on the web concerning whether the author is even real (see here, for example, – and, the offices of the “news” company are in W. Hollywood…warning…

and I’m supposed to buy into the information on the basis of “an insider at the FBI,” and “a verified friend of Trump’s” on Reddit?!!! This is the same type of nonsense that The NY Times and Washington Post now write stories based on…


There is also more than one story on the web about yournewswire being a fake news site or a Russian proxy, for example, see here

Or here,

Or here,

The later offers a quote,

“Each of these sites may, at times, publish legitimate news articles. This is a useful technique for making the illegitimate articles harder to spot. The fact that a home burglar doesn’t rob houses three nights a week does not make him any less of a home burglar. The fact that some of these sites occasionally posts a legitimate article does not make the publication itself legitimate. Any news site will occasionally publish a poorly-researched article. To earn a spot on this list, the publication must show a clear disregard for the objective truth.”

Again, you may be right intuitionally – but don’t be pitching these theories to professionals.

You’ll be laughed at behind your back.


From the Wikipedia link I sent, on yournewswire…

“Josh Boswell (January 29, 2017). “Mother churns out stories for master of fake news”. Times of London. “The man behind one of America’s biggest ‘fake news’ websites is a former BBC worker from London whose mother writes many of his stories. Sean Adl-Tabatabai, 35, runs, the source of scores of dubious news stories, including claims that the Queen had threatened to abdicate if the UK voted against Brexit.”

Even given the fact that Megyn Kelly’s piece on Alex Jones Sunday Night was a hit piece, Jones came across as an egotistical, arrogant, ignorant purveyor of questionable information that I would trust for directions to the bathroom, much less anything else. That millions of Americans do is appalling and a statement on the dumbing down of American culture.

Additionally, the problem with all conspiracies that start with an “inside source” or an unnamed source is that the resulting reports could be classified as hearsay. “Hearsay evidence is “an out-of-court statement introduced to prove the truth of matter asserted therein”.” The out-of-court statement in this instance would be the original tweet naming the “inside source.” According to Wikipedia, relative to hearsay, “The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right … to be confronted with the witnesses against him”.”

According to Legal Zoom, “Of course not all circumstantial evidence is created equal; some is stronger or weaker than others, and this is where jury discretion comes in. It is up to the individual members to weigh the importance of each piece of evidence and then come to a conclusion together as to whether the prosecution has proven guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.” There is no distinction between direct and circumstantial evidence – a defendant may be convicted on either or a combination.

According to Wikipedia, an example of circumstantial evidence is “a witness who says that she saw the defendant enter a house, that she heard screaming, and that she saw the defendant leave with a bloody knife gives circumstantial evidence. It is the necessity for inference, and not the obviousness of a conclusion, that determines whether evidence is circumstantial.

Here is the problem with Pizzagate: the witnesses are social media sources and fake news websites. One of the first witnesses is a tweet that relies on an anonymous “inside source” from the NYPD. Who is this source? Let them come forward. Without a specific name and an identified witness there is no real case and every report of the tweet that goes forward also has no basis in fact and no strength as part of the circumstantial evidence. And as we laid out above, it turns out the inside sources are anonymous message board users months prior to the events.


Additional Sources

This source documents many of the fake news stories from 2016, though if does so with a liberal bias