Mike Huckabee, July 8, 2017

Pouring even more hundreds of billions of tax dollars down the rat hole of Obamacare would be like giving a contractor ten million bucks to really gussy up your dilapidated 1962 trailer house. Yes, Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) are trumpeting polls showing that support for Obamacare is up, but that’s only because all anyone has heard for the past seven months is that the CBO says the Senate Republican plan to replace it will leave 22 million people uninsured and everyone is going to “DIE!!!” Maybe that’s why Republicans are so spooked about getting rid of this fatally-flawed, government-bloating money sink of a law. Or maybe some have just resigned themselves to the idea that now that it’s here, it’s too politically risky ever to take it away.

Here’s an article that provides a dose of cold truth to counteract all the lies, hype and fearmongering, and I hope, to put some starch back into GOP spines. It notes all the things the public isn’t being told about the CBO report on the Republican plan. For instance, how many of those “22 million uninsured” will be illegal aliens or legal non-citizens. Or people who voluntarily stop buying policies they don’t want or need once the government is no longer forcing them to Also, did you know that the 22 million people the CBO considers “uninsured” includes those who do have policies they like that just don’t meet the one-size-fits-all government standards for “essential health benefits,” such as prostate test coverage for women, pregnancy care for middle-aged men, alcohol rehab for teetotalers, and all the other federally-mandated benefits that healthy people are expected to pay out the nose for, even if they’ll never use them in a million years.

President Trump’s trip to Europe has brought us a fresh wave of fake news from abroad, but make no mistake: we’re still getting plenty of it right here at home about Obamacare, enough to convince some people who should know better than they’ll die if they aren’t forced to pay ridiculous premiums for policies that include useless benefits — but that have such high deductibles that even if a middle-aged man did somehow manage to get pregnant, he’d go bankrupt before his prenatal coverage kicked in.

To the Republicans who think that they can break their #1 promise to the voters and somehow keep a worthless, intrusive, failed government program afloat by throwing a mountain of other people’s money at it, I suggest you consider becoming Democrats. You’ll fit right in, and I wouldn’t count on getting much of the Republican vote next time around anyway.