The Transom, Ben Domenech, September 25, 2017

A few of you took issue on Friday with my description of Jimmy Kimmel as a “partisan hack” – at the time, it was because I had heard something that had not yet been reported but was ultimately backed up: that Kimmel had been fed talking points by Democratic Party leaders in his assault on Graham-Cassidy.

Yep: Kimmel got a hand from Chuck Schumer in his fight against Obamacare repeal.  Democrats are going to do more of this surrogate use in the coming years as the unpopularity of people like Schumer and Nancy Pelosi prevent them from functioning as the public face of a fight.

Kimmel also slammed Louisiana Senator John Kennedy as ‘inbred’ over saying the host was “a funny guy”, but that he did not understand the health care bill.  Kennedy, fwiw, graduated magna cum laude from Vanderbilt, has a JD from UVA, and a Master’s from Oxford.